How do i get rid of a headache when pills dont work?

Q:How do i get rid of a headache when pills dont work?
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close yr eyes.Look for where the pain comes fromslowly u ll realise the pain is gonegood luck
doing the NASTY! 24 7-11 go get some air first then go to sleep.
First you wanna talk to a doctor. You could try using an ice pack or a cold shower. If that doesn’t help a little, sleeping might, but i’ve found someimes when I sleep I wake up and it’s worse. Talking to your doctor could help. Look into Imitrex as well if you haven’t already tried Excedrin Migrane, do it. Good luck! sleep in a dark room is the only thing that works for me.
You should try to find out what type of headaches you have. There may be a serious cause if this is something relatively new. If it is migraines, try drinking 17 oz. of water in 5 minutes. Dehydration can be a cause for some. Sleep. It’s all that works for me.
Usually when I get a headache I put a warm compress across the above part of my eyebrows, and add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. Leave it there for 15 minutes and keep a wash cloth on and keep turning the cloth when it gets warm. This is my mothers remedy, and I have used it for years. Hope you feel better soon. Try it really works. headaches can be caused by a number of things, muscular, tension and stress, and some unknown causes. try seeing a massaged therapist, they will take a history of your life and things you may be doing that cause your headaches. i work on a lot of people that have headaches and the main cause is either stress or how they perform everyday activities, Source(s):lic. massage therapist.
go outside and get some air. headache occurs when u are stressed and so on. relax and breathe. it should go away. take a all the time
It depends on the root cause of the headaches. Have you been to a doctor? If so, what did he say? What type of pills have you tried? You can try drinking more water and hydrating yourself. A majority of headaches are caused from dehydration, and when you actually feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Also if you have recently cut back on caffeine, this can be a cause. Caffeine withdrawals can make us have horrible headaches. Try massaging your temples with eucalyptus lotion or some sort of mint scent to open up your passageways and relax you. Lavender is a good choice to use also. YOu may even consider getting a professional massage, it always works for me because I suffer from tension headaches so they massage and loosen the muscles in my shoulders and neck which cause the head muscles to tense up also. Try cold moist compresses on the head as well. Good luck! I turn out the lights in the bathroom, light some candles, run a tub of warm water add either some bubblebath or bathoil and then soak for at least thirty min. This normally works for me.
Massage your neck Pinch the flap of skin between your thumb and pointer finger (not just the skin, but the muscle tissue too). It kind of hurts, but for some reason it always works on my headache. Source(s):My boyfriend
just stop thinking about the headache you only make it worst and just think about other things and if it gets to to the point that nothing helps go see the doctor they can give you medicine that will work a you k take care Have you tried excedrine. if not it works wonders.Other wise. put your pointer and your ring finger to each temple and rub in circular motion then push forward like your trying to move you scull up a bit (still using your two fingers) then lightly pinch your eybrows on top and bottom same time. Then drink a cold, cold, cold glass of water fast to freeze your headache and in about 10 min you should be curedTry that
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