What is the best incense for sleep?

Q:I would like to know the most relaxing scent of incense. I just started burning incense
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I would agree with starwood don’t burn incense for sleep. But how about lavender oil on a napkin under your pillow?
Lavendar pillow spray!
dont burn it while you are asleep you could die in a fire,
The best will depend, in part, on you. Sandalwood, frankincense, lavender, violet, passion flower, lily, and jasmine can have relaxing and sleep-inducing effects.Hope this helps.(For the people that “answered” previously, there are safe ways to use incense.you can fragrance a room then put out the incense before laying down. It also shouldn’t be assumed that the asker will not have someone in the home who will be awake.)
Get lavender oil, sprinkle some on your pillow. Bath with lavender oil before going to bed. It’s good for relaxing.
Smoke is not good for sleep. Let alone posibly burnng the place up. C’mon, you gotta know that? Try a potpourri instead.
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