is it hard to learn naturopathy?

Q:im planning to continue my study, and i saw the naturopathy website, and im really interested.
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It’s usually a four year program that also requires that you have a number of university/college level science courses (about a year’s worth) before you attend. If it is an accredited program, it will have alot of emphasis on subjects similar to Western medicine. The coursework will be demanding and you will also need to put in alot of time in clinic (observation and practice in later years).Depending on what your natural skills are, some aspects may be hard or very easy. Obviously, being analytical and having a good memory makes it easier. However, Naturopathy is not just hard science, it’s also a bit of an art. I would think that having good observation skills, being sensitive and also a good listener would also make the program easier.As the previous answerer suggested, the most important thins is that you are passionate about what you are learning. Then, even though it might be hard work, it won’t feel like it. Sounds like you are passionate about this. I say go for it! sorry can’t answer
If you’re passionate about learning something, it’s never a tough road. If you’re serious, please e-mail me off-line and I can help give you some further insights and direction.
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