Do you feel you are an enlightened person?

Q:If so how did you get there? Any tips?
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Absolutely, I feel I am an enlightened person. I feel that the only true way to reach enlightenment is to remove all your mental boundaries that have either been set by you or others around you. Allow your mind to receive external stimulii without judgement or bias. Things will start having diferent meanings to you after a while of doing this.
You try to look at things from all perspectives, not just from your own personal view. Try to look from the other guys point of view. Many thing are very difficult to look at objectively we all have some normal subjectivity. You also try to get all the facts that you can on any issue and then decide where you stand. Reject dogma unless the facts support it, or else we would still believe the earth is flat and the center of the universe.
Enlightenment is a life-long, ongoing process. It involves keeping an open mind, being curious, being able to change your mind about long-held beliefs in the presence of proof to the contrary. Intelligence helps, but enlightenment also includes the capacity for wonderment; if you no longer find any surprises from any quarter you are in need of rest and readjustment upstairs! You can see from this that I do not associate enlightenment with religion; history has shown more than once that religion and enlightenment appear to be mutually exclusive. And as far as I am concerned you can include superstition, “folk wisdom” and other concepts rooted in pre-literacy. I would never say I am completely enlightened. However, I would say that I am more enlightened than a great many people who cling to beliefs solely because they were told to do so, who never want their beliefs to be challenged (and often cloak the challenge in terms of ‘heresy’, or outlaw any questioning thereof, or punish anyone who even thinks of wanting to question these orthodoxies.)ps – I am a M.
I am. I live my life as openly as I can and am honest and straightforward. I accept the unknown and am spiritual on a very individual and personal basis
i got there by excepting that everything going on around me is for a reason, i am here and that’s all that should matter. life is very short and when your one your death bed, you will wonder why you took it so serious,
to enlighten means – to give information to; to instruct; to make clear; to free from superstition, etc. I do feel that I’m enlightened and I think that what took me there and keeps me there is when I stopped listening to what people and religion were telling me that I was not and started listening to what God was telling me I am. I also started questioning, if you never question you never get answers. But, be prepared that when one question get laid to rest ten more will take its place. Enlightenment is not a goal its a journey. I also believe that if you are closed minded you will stagnate, I don’t mean believe everything you hear but listen with your heart and mind. enjoy the journey. Barring any existentialism or religious undertones, I honestly believe enlightenment is directly proportional to ones intelligence. A person is either intelligent/enlightened or not.Tips? If what I perceive as enlightenment is correct, there are no tips.TFTP
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