does anybody have a home remedy for ear ache,please?

Q:doctors medicine is not working.thank you.
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a warm compress might ease your pain and a little olive oil a drop or two in ear.. Well, in the old days, they would put urine in the ear and they swore by it. I’ve never tried that, so I don’t know if it really works. What I would suggest is start taking antibiotics. Most people have them laying around the house, I know I always have them.
Try Mullein oil. You can get it at any health food place. What it does is soften up accumulated material built up in the ear which is what you may have over time. Take a hot shower, allowing hot water to get in the affected ear. See what happens then. They’re doctors. Not saints. It doesn’t mean they’ll deal straight with you.
I live in El Paso, TX where Mexican folk medicine abounds. Have you ever heard of ear candling? It cleans out all the crud, and a lot of people swear by it. Turn a blow drier on to its warmest setting and aim it at the ear with the ear ache, about 10-12 inches away. Be sure to move it away when your ear gets too hot!
you can blow smoke in the ear, it usually works,or you can lay on a bottle of hot water with a toel over it,try that too. Good Luck HAVE SOMEONE BLOW SMOKE IN YOUR EAR, IT WILL TAKE THE PAIN AWAY.
it actually would depend why you have an ear ache ,if it is not an infection which i guess it’s not since you said the doc’s path does not work. It may be a muscular pain the only way to try to stop that pain is try ibuprofen and a heating pad. If you have fibromyalgia and that is giving you the pain then your in for a long road of pain, but a heating pad will help and ibuprofen until the fibro episode passes which last as long as it wants to.Then there is an old indian remedy which consist of rolling a newspaper into a cone and burning the other end for a bit. Hope it helps I had an earache for over a year Good luck if you want to try it then.take an onion, peel it and cut it in in the microwave and heat till it is steaming.cover with a thin cloth and hold it up to the ear.this will pull out infection and take the pain away.(the best way to do this is to lay on the side of the ear that is hurting and hold the onion up to the ear.) Source(s):My grandmother
I had sumone that i knew smoked blow ciggarette smoke in my ear and it helped me Peroxide, After shower blow dry ear so it’s not wet and clean with peroxide not q tips they push back and damage ear drum. Source(s):I get them alot.
If you know someone who smokes, have them blow smoke into your ear. Turn your head sidways when you get water in your ear and bob up and down to make it drain. That’s preventative. (Years of waterpolo).For the earache. Take advil and keep your ear dry. Use a q-tip to get waterever excess water out that you can.
go to a store that has a type of pharmacy or GNC in a mall there are these cone shaped things made from bees wax and it cleans out your ear great! you have to lay on your side and burn the cone thing but it is worth it helps if you have someone help you!
Olive Oil drops A few drips of WARM not hot olive oil
If you are taking antibiotics you need to finish your course.. I am definitely not a fan of antibiotics. I am very alternative medicine. this has worked for me every time. At the natural health food store you can get GARLIC AND GOLDEN SEAL OIL. Put drops into the ear and cover with a warm wet wash cloth about 4 times an hour for a couple of hours until pain starts to subside. At bedtime the pain tends to get worse so put it in right before bed and get up a few hours later to treat the sufferer again. Once while I was on a trip I did not have some of the oil so I made my own. Take olive oil and a clove of garlic and heat for about 10_15 seconds in the microwave. smash THE GARLIC IN THE OIL. strain ALL OF THE LITTLE CLUMPS OUT OF THE OIL. use THAT OIL FOR DROPS IN THE EAR. garlic IS A WONDERFUL NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC. IT WILL SOAK INTO THE INNER EAR AND ATTACK THE ..oops.. Sorry about the caps. it will attack the infection in the inner ear. DO NOT DO THIS FOR SOMEONE THAT HAS TUBES IN THEIR EARS! Consult a physician if they have tubes in their ears. Good luck! I have never taken my kid to the Dr. because of an ear infection. I always treated it at home this way. 🙂 You can also use a hair dryer set on low heat to blow into the ear indirectly for some relief from pain. Good luck! See the book PRESCRIPTIONS FOR NUTRITIONAL HEALING a few drops of warm sweet oil in the affected ear usually does the trick
i know it sounds wierd but i would take a newspaper, roll it into a funnel and put the smaller part in my ear. on the opposite side i would light it on fire and all the air, water, wax.. whatever was in their came out. (spanish traditions) Source(s):be careful** dont burn yourself! put hydrogen peroxyde in your ear- it’ll clean it out of any bacteria that could be causing your pain. I do it all the time and it really helps.If you’ve never done it before you might end up leaving it in there for a while. Just lay on your side andput it in your ear and leave it in until you stop hearing the “fizzing” or “bubbling” and you’ll really be able to notice the pressure release!
lay your ear on a heating pad for 5-10 mintues. then take it off the heating pad for the same amount of time, and rub your ear. take the medicine that your doctor prescribed, and buy the organic rememdy to ear aches at walgreens (if they have it). then repeat the heat pad processgood luck
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