i found a large blue gel cap in my home labeled something like s&c vol (or wz?) 32. in my son’s room?

Q:there also seems to be some other letters on the capsule, but i cannot make them out. it’s a squishy capsule. it looks like it may be a vitamin, but the letters make it look like some sort of perscription. please help
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Poison control is an option.Find a 24 hour pharmacy in the area and call them. This worked for me in the past.Good luck.
try www.drugid.infoSounds like a cold capsule tho
um talk to your son about it but don’t yell at him (i know this from experience because when my mom wants something out of me she yells at me and that just shuts me up) so talk to him calmly about it if it’s a drug take him to a drug center or do what everybody else is saying call poison control firstafter that talk to your son. how old is he?? Source(s):best of luck~Laura~
I know some cold medications come in squishy, blue gel caps.Or maybe some vitamin supplements for “other” areas of the body?Don’t assume anything, ask him or call Poison Control, like the previous answerer stated.
why don’t you ask your son why he has pills in his room. and if he acts stupid or doesn’t have a reason it’s drugs. also, ask him if he’s a robot. always a good thing to clear up
Go to:www.rx.com
It might just a vitamin.. How old is your son? Why don’t you ask him directly?
If you call poison control and describe the pill they will tell you.1-800-222-1222 ask em.. and take it to the police.
just ask him what it is
Sounds like a vitamin. Most of the drugs you would worry about your child taking (Valium, Xanax, Loratabs, Oxycotin) are going to be tablets and not gel caps. Source(s):Just take it that I know
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