is weed really bad 4 you and what does it do that is so bad?

Q:hey they say it is bad but i never heard any buddy say it was bad after trying it. but is it really
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weed can be really bad when you use it non-stop. the greatest effect is hallucination and paranoia. short term use is different….
It is and it isn’t…Anything in excess is bad. I’m not advocating the use of marijuana (especially since you seem rather young), but there are no proven long-term side effects to the occassional toke. That being said, don’t be the school stoner. If you’re going to have a toke, do your homework first. No, it isn’t. It’s a bunch of BS propoganda. Cigarettes and alcohol are both worse for you.
yes it is u dont feel when u use it but when it affects u then it has an impact on u.
it is bad. it runins your body which leads to a shorter life.
you develop mental disorders and cant concentrate on the……….umm………..what was i saying!
It’s bad for you like anything that you smoke is bad for you. It hurts your lungs. Many things are just as bad. It really all depends on you. Some people have a problem with reality and need a crutch and that makes them become addicted and irresponsible. Some don’t. All things in moderation.
Weed can be bad if you abuse it. Most of the people I know who smoke weed, pay their bills on time, have extra money to spend on weed and yes they do drive BMW and Cadilacs, as well as other ‘nice’ vehicles.Stop stero-typing book writer.Live and let live.
Weed is so good for you ! Look around your neighborhood. All the people that live in nice homes and drive BMWs and Cadillacs smoke dope. The people that live in trashy house trailers and drive beat up old junkers are the ones that are not smart enough to smoke weed. I am writing a book now on how to Smoke your way to Riches. Please write and tell me how wonderful you are doing in life so I can include it in my book.
It is harder on your lungs than smoking and it can make you pretty dumb. Trust me, I know a lot of weed smokers. They just don’t have a clue how clueless they have become. It can also cause some mutation of cells, including sperm. Some exerience gynemstalgia. That is when the male breast tissue starts to enlarge.
it is bad for you after long usage. i think it takes a while to get addicted to ex suffered severe paranoia. he was convinced people were coming into the house and injecting him, and he used to drag me out of bed by my hair every night when i was pregnant. a total prick who i still have to see cos i have a child with him.i had to leave him eventually when he beat me and threatened to kill me when i went to the toilet without his permission, so yes i’d say it is bad for you
WoW! Man!Course it is not bad for you.Cool out..let it go all smooth.Brains are over rated. Toke when you are young, that way the brain never developes in a way to bother you. Smooth it out…let it go…Yo! No problemDon’t worryBe happyLet the smoke take controlIt is all smoothlet somebodyelsetake theheat of livingmakingdecisionsliving asa fullperson…smooth it out……..gotta go and get some peanut butter…lattersmooth guy……Get to your question….what was your question?Oh yea! I remember…it’s not bad manit’s all good..soo good…smooth.Get dope.See all the happy peopleall the happy people happy people
its very bad u can get hook on it and then yur just going to bw wasting yur life away dont try it or anything
It does have negative side-effects, yes – but not nearly to the extent that people will tell you.There’s absolutely no proof that it causes cancer. There’s no proof it’s a gateway drug. etc etcIt slows your reaction time, and distorts your perception of reality – which is very dangerous if you’re operating machinery (don’t drive). Basically, if you’re going to smoke it, treat it like alcohol – take all the same precautions. The truth is, the science shows that marijuana is really no more dangerous to your health than cigarettes or alcohol. And much, MUCH less likely to lead to “harder” drugs.
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