Do all chough drops have menthol in them?

Q:Do all chough drops have menthol in them?
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Try luden’s or Hall’s fruit breezers if you don’t like the menthol.
no…plenty do not…ask for help at the pharmacy
nope. the kind called “fruit breezers” dont. and they taste AWESOME! i even eat them when im not sick hahahah its like an addiction LOL
NO. Menthol is just a chemical. Some cough drops use other chemicals. But, it has been shown that menthol is sort of a topical anesthetic that desensitizes the mucous membranes in the throat and takes away the cough reflex.
no, just the ones that say it on the label.
no but the ones that dont use methanol, use eucalyptus and or pectin, and eucalyptus is real gross and gives you bad breath
Noo no no no… The ones that really get ya, with that strong cooling sensation and sometimes does not taste so great, that would be the menthol in them… those without, like just simple fruit flavored ones that aren’t so strong, they don’t have it. Nope. Ask the pharmacist.
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