Herbal supplement suggestions needed.?

Q:Is anyone out there into holistic medicine who could recommend an herbal supplement that would help eliminate moderate plaque blockage in the carotid artery? I was told I have mild plaque buildup in my left carotid artery. I had an ultrasound test done by Life Line Screening.
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You really should see you doctor..not ask for advice on your carotid artery from this website. Please see your doctor.
It goes without saying that you would be seeing a medical professional for this condition. That said, there is a large body of herbal knowledge and experience with the buildup of plaque in blood vessels (arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis). The herbal remedies used address a number of conditions which lead to this state. One of the most widely applicable and herbs is Hawthorne Berries (Crataegus species). Hawthorne is a cardiac and vascular tonic, which supports cardiovascular tissue, and perhaps supports the elasticity of blood vessels. It is also hypotensive (lowers high blood pressure) and antispasmodic (helps relax the muscular tissue in arteries and peripheral blood vessels). Kerry Bone, an Australian herbalist notes that there are no contraindications for using hawthorn, but states that hawthorn may act synergistically with some heart medications (digitalis, beta-blockers, and other hypotensive drugs). Yarrow would also be a helpful herb to be used in combination with hawthorn, as it is hypotensive and a peripheral vasodilator (helps reduce peripheral resistance which reduces the force with which the heart must pump). Bone (2003) notes that yarrow that there are no known contraindications, drug interactions or warnings for the use of yarrow other than possible allergy among people who are sensitive to members of the Composite family (e.g. daisies, asters etc.). A saavy person with access to a computer can go to the National Library of Medicine (Entrex PubMed) to view available research articles which support these ideas. That said, it is important to note the the Food and Drug Administration has not reviewed any such treatment, and as such, herbalists in the USA cannot diagnose, treat, cure or make claims about herbs relative to disease conditions.David Hoffmann, a Felolow of England’s National Institute for Medicinal Herbalists (in England herbalists like David are board certified and do rotations in hospitals) and highly experienced herbal practitioner, recommends the following recipe for the general treatment of atherosclerosis could be taken in up to 5 ml (1 teaspoon) doses, three times daily. See a qualified herbalist to discuss whether this would be suitable to your individual circumstances, and of course, consult first with your medical doctor to be sure this is OK for you.2 parts Crataegus sp. (Hawthorn berries)1 part Tilia platyphyllos (Linden)1 part Achilea millefolium (Yarrow)1 part Viburnum opulus (Cramp bark)1 part Ginko biloba (ginko)
as w.q alpha said, also look at garlic, which i would say would be superior for elimination of scelrotic plaque. also add abalance b group diet which would help reduce elevated homocystine levels the b’s of most importance are b6, b9 and b12. homocystine is a major contributor to cardiovascular death
My husband has congestive heart failure as well as diabetes. I have done some extensive studying on this as I am a wellness consultant. There are supplements that can help you, provided you are under a Doctor’s care. I would need to have more information to steer you in the right direction.
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