How should we handle the potential of cures using stem cells??

Q:How should we handle the potential of cures using stem cells??
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I’m all for it, someday it may be used to help one of my grandchildren or their children.
people are going to have abortions wether scientist study the stem cells or not so why not study them. its not like theres anything better to do with them and im sure they dont mind, i mean, they are dead already
Anyone against stem cell research is retarded. When they get the stem cells out of a fetus, it doesn’t even resemble a human. There’s no heart, no lungs, no brain. They take it out when it’s around a 150 cell organism, too much later than that, the cells start to develop and hence are useless. President Bush’s fundamentalist rants have propogandized ya’ll.
you cant
We should allow scientists to do the research that could save millions of lives for different reasons, most people who are going to have abortions are going to have them wether or not stem cells are involved, therefore stem cell research should not be frowned upon becuase it would encourage abortion as that is by no means the case, the fetus’s would normally go inthe garbage if they can be used to save a life why not do it?
You study the crap out of them
Get people like President Bush out of power so we can study them as we should be – without interuption.
Stem cells haven’t cured any illnesses, yet. They have the potential to provide cures. Therefore there is an ethical necessity that the research continue.There are also “immortal” cells which, it turns out, can be used instead of stem cells. Again, this provides an avenue for the research to continue. more abortions!
The natural healing of the body is increased with glyconutrients and also the production of adult stem cells.
There is never a morally acceptable reason to use humans (born or unborn) for involuntary scientific experimentation. Embryonic stem cell research is equivalent to murder.
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