My little brother just got bitten by a spider..?

Q:I don’t know what kind though. Are there any home remedies I can do so that he doesn’t get badly infected?
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ice for swelling and benedryl cream for itching, if he gets infected he will need anti biotics! try neosporyn, warm compressions if it gets bigger, red or more swollen, he may need to see a doctor to get antibiotics
None that I know. There are only 2 spiders that are deadly. The black widow, which is black w/ a red hourglass on the back, and some brown one, which I think is only in Australia. I agree with the others who’ve answered. Get your brother to a doctor. If you are in the North east, there are only 2 spiders that would be cause for concern. The black widow and the brown recluse. If he was bitten by a widow, he would have flu like symptoms in 1 hour, if he was bitten by a recluse, he would have a black necrotic looking area on his skin, surrounded by redness indicating infection. The center or head would be white and or weeping. Otherwise, just watch the area and ask him how he feels every hour for 24 hours.
There is an herb that isprobly growing in your lawn called plantain. It can be bruised and put over the wound with a hot rag over it. Keep it on as much as possible. It will draw out the poison.this works for mosquito bites to. I do it with my children and their bites are gone in about 1 hour. I have added a link so that you can see what plantain looks like. The plant in the picture is very healthy..the plants in my yard are flat and not all that green but still work very well..feel free to im me or [email protected] run around and scream until someone helps
You could call the poison control center in your area. Do you have the spider still? If it’s not poisonous, probably the best thing to do is clean the bite with peroxide and bandage it up. umm, he needs to go to the hospital, many kids of spiders are poisonous and can cause necrosis of the skin and surrounding areas, or they can cause neurological problems.
You need to watch him closely! Look for swelling that increases over the next hour and discoloration of the surrounding tissue. Also, watch to make sure he doesn’t have any confusion or dizziness, vomiting or shaking. These are symptoms of venomous spider bites. If none of these occur, you can apply an ointment as you would for any insect bite. It will probably swell a bit, and itch for several days. Tell him not to scratch it. give him some benedryl for itching and swellingcatch the spider if you have to take it in to the DR. they need to see it so they can treat the bite.wash the bite with soap and waterI was stung by a hornet last wk and used deoderant stick on the sting. takes the sting out. works for spiders too!watch him for SHOCK. any signs go to the ER or call paramedicscaladryl can be used for the bite to stop itchingnothing more I think but to watch and wait
Go to the nearest doctor because some spider’s are poisonous. If he is under five or has a low immune system you might want to call your parents and let them know. If it’s swelling, one Benadryl will help with the allergic reaction. A plaster made of water and oatmeal will soothe the itch if you don’t have calamine lotion.
take him to the doctor (only if it hurts or he can’t move the place on which he got bit) I once bit by spider 2I put ice on it but you shout go to docif you don’t know what kind
Not unless you’re quite certain what kind of spider it is. If you can, find the culprit (even if it’s smashed), contain it, take it and your brother to the doctor. If it’s a brown recluse, it will have a violin-shaped mark on it’s head and be about 1/4 inch long. Surely you can recognize a black widow (they’re hard to miss).If you don’t recognize the spider as dangerous, wait a day or two and if the bite becomes necrotic (tissue around the bite dies) or anything else abnormal, make sure that your borther gets to the doctor. Again, finding the spider that bit your brother is important, because different venoms can have nearly identical symptoms and the wrong antivenin will only make it worse. Look up spiders that are common to your area for possible culprits. And get medical help, because home remedies for spider bites are practically nil.
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