Should a chiropractor visit be painful?

Q:My back is out of alignment very bad. I have had xrays and my neck, upper and lower back and hips are all out. I have been visiting a Chiropractor for about 3 or 4 weeks now. My main complaint in my upper back. The last 2 or 3 time that I have gone, when she popps my upper back it hurts. Almost like I can’t breath. It is a sharp pain. It will be a little sore afterward. Is this normal?? The other parts that she pops do not hurt, like my lower back. And, it used to now hurt when my shoulder popped, but now it does.
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i have been thur 2 surgerys on my neck and have suffered with my lower back and hips since i was 18 should not be in pain like you describe..x-rays only show bone ..sounds to me like maybe it is a pervorated disc….only a mri or catscan can show..use an ice pack..not heat..cold acts like a natural inflamatorry..i have a small curveture in my spine since i was born…arthor..whatever…also… see a doctor to do a mri or cat to find out what is really happening…i am in my 50’s..i am sorry ..back pain normally hits any time it wants to ,,and no one understands unless they have experienced ..i se my chiro..and my sugeon..between the two..i am doing much better..good luck
Sounds like you need a second opinion. Try some type of Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist.
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