whats the fastest way to heal a minor burn?

Q:i just finished baking some cookies and i burnt my thumb.
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use toothpaste on the minor burn. always works for me.
In one Emergency Room where I worked we used to soak a fresh minor burn (one that’s not blistering) in betadine ice water: you pour betadine or iodine liquid over ice and immerse the thumb in that. If it gets toooo cold you can take it out for a few seconds till you can stand it again. The more you keep it submerged in cold water the less it hurts and the less the burn ‘spreads’ in and below your skin.My young son once picked up my plugged-in curling iron by the super hot part instead of the handle – wrapped his little palm and fingers right around it. I put ice and water and a generous squirt of iodine into a cup and had him plunge his whole hand into the cup for about three hours. Whenever the ice would all melt and the liquid start feeling lukewarm I’d replenish the ice. When he took his hand out for good that night, it didn’t hurt him or feel hot. Over the next couple days a thin layer of deep orange, toughened skin (the iodine made it that color) on the palm and fingers of his hand sloughed off and it left behind perfectly whole, perfectly painfree, blister-free skin. I never did put any ointment or bandage on it.
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