Black Licorice?

Q:Does black licorice effect certain medications and is it digestable.
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I’ve read that too much licorice can cause lethargy. But it can be good for things in small doses. An estrogen booster, mood enhancer, bronchiodialator. Consult an herbal manual. My information said no more than 3 cups of licorice herbal tea a day.
Powdered liquorice root is an effective cough remedy (expectorant), and has been used for this purpose since ancient times, especially in ayurvedic medicine where it is also used in tooth powders. Modern cough syrups often include liquorice extract as an ingredient. Additionally, licorice may be useful for both mouth ulcers and peptic ulcers. Naturopathic medicinal uses include treatment of peptic and oral ulcers.Liquorice is also a mild laxative. Licorice affects the body’s endocrine system. It can lower the amount of serum testosterone, but whether it affects the amount of free testosterone is unclear. Licorice may in moderate amounts soothe an upset stomach and is used as an aid for healing stomach ulcers.That’s My Best Answer!
Black licorice is best used as an aid for stomach ulcers. But it must be the real licorice root (which you can buy as an herbal preparation at the health food store) — not licorice candy which is not licorice at all but anise flavoring. The Chinese use licorice extensively in nearly all their medicinal preparations as it is soothing to the stomach and helps curb some of the side effects other herbs may carry. So it is completely digestable and is an all-and-all stomach-friendly herb.
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