Q:I dont know about you guys, but ever since i started smoking marijoana, my depression went away, i felt more alive and happy,i started getting along with my parents and i can focus more in school. It really changed me for the better! So, how can you justify that marijoana is dangerous? And please dont give stupid answers!!
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Marijiana has 26 medical uses, the FDA and Federal Laws aren’t buying it. Cancer victims it helps there appetite, and chemo therapy for pain.For victims who have a sight problems restores the pressures in the eyes.Someday it will be legal in all 50 states, if will take years for that. You can’t even spell it! Maybe everything seems better now bit it won’t in the long run. Have you ever seen those people who have smoked for along time, they fall to pieces! Eventually everything is about getting high, and the probability of moving to something stronger is very likely. It makes you weak minded.
I’ve seen people who have smokes pot for many many years, and they are fine.but the truth is that it does kill brain cells and that doesn’t sound good, does it?? ah yes the big q< is it really dangerous?well, in ur case according to u it has made u a better person, but u have to ask urself, did it really or does it just seem that way to u cuz ur high?? Actually marijuana doesn’t harm the brain. Long term studies have proven that there was not a higher chance of cancer/ mental problems/ or addiction than from smoking regualr cigarettes.
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