How can crash diets affect mental well being?

Q:Do you think if a person starts dieting at a very early age and keeps crash dieting for many years they will damage the brain cells.Thanks
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Crash diets have dramatic effect on body chemistry. This in turn affects brain chemistry and will affect your moods. Subtle diet changes are better for you and will enable you to lose weight at a healthy pace and maintain your weight once you reach your goal.
Going on a “crash” diet where you severely restrict your calories is harmful because your body goes into a “starvation” mode metabolically. This causes a number of negative side effects. One of these is that your body will break down proteins from your muscle tissue to use as fuel if you are not eating enough to support your metabolism. Another problem is that your body slows down your metabolism to survive on less calories, so when you go off your diet, you are likely to gain weight because of your lower metabolic rate.And dieting at “a very early age” is worse. (I’m assuming you mean early teens). It is never a good idea for teenagers or pre-teens to diet. The human body at that age is developing and growing quickly. Reducing calories, cutting out whole food groups, or over exercising deprives growing bodies the energy and resources they need to mature. It also disturbs hormone levels that are so important in this stage of life. Keep in mind, diets are meant for fully grown adults, not adolescents. But continually going on “crash diets” over and over again can negatively effect the health of any age group.But can it cause brain damage? Yes. It can also cause liver failure, kidney failure, stroke, depression and lead to eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. And it does not end there. See the source list for more.Hope this helps!
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