ive heard that if you fall asleep on shrooms you can die in your dreams which means you die IRL, is this true?

Q:ive heard that if you fall asleep on shrooms you can die in your dreams which means you die IRL, is this true?
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Your question is a perfect example of why the world is so messed up! Stay away from such things! There’s not ANY good end results from them.
I think you have been told of an old wifes tale.
No, sleeping on mushrooms just gives you closed eye visuals, and eventually youll get into lower level sleep, they do prevent you from having REM (Rapid Eye Motion) sleep, but this merely means that you wont have involved dreams, and whatever sleep you get will seem to end shortly. Dont fall asleep on mushrooms though, its just a waste of fungus.just to clear something up Jail= . it takes a moron to get caught with mushrooms, since disposal requires nothign more than basic movement of the jaw musclesfines=. see jailaddiction= Have you ever gotten addicted to the mushrooms on your pizza or pasta? no money= they grow in cow ****.being abandoned by friends= im sure youre friends with people who have had or will have a psychedelic experience that you dont or will not ever know aboutbeing shunned by family= .thats patheticreducing intellegance= i like to think that by clearing up your asininity i obviously am not reduced in intelligence and you cant spell intelligencelosing everything you have (car, house, job, etc.)= .wowDEATH=. the only peopel who die with mushrooms are those who are not careful, liek anything else, you cant just be an idiot about it, you could be killed by a trashcan if you tried hard enoughlogically, you must concludeDRUGS= “A substance used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of a disease or as a component of a medication.”happy trips peace
the only thing that will kill you is the fact that you are ingesting an illegal substance.drugs are not illegal because someone decided to make them that way for the hell of it.they are illegal because they are dangerous and have adverse effects on your health To be honest with you..I think you’ve been taking too many “shrooms”.what the hell kind of question is that!
ooo magic mushrooms,well even if you dont fall asleep you will still die because mushrooms are poisonous.and not to mention those are illegal.its people like you that ruin a perfectly good question and answer forum,may god bless your sould
NO. Just becAUse it happens in your dreams doesn’t mean it can or will happen in reality. Afterall, this is not a Freddy movie! However, you can experience a bad trip if you are stressed out or have had a bad event recently before ingesting the mushrooms. People on “bad trips” are not always aware of their physical reactions and may cuase themsleves harm during this state. A person in this state can apear to be asleep, but be having a sort of coma, and POSSIBLY lead to death. Here is something to think about though. If a person falls asleep and dreams they died and their physical body dies as well, how would you have known that they dreamt they died? Yep, it’s called logic! Always use it to disprove silly things such as this. I will now use logic to disprove the myth that drugs are fun. Jail=not funfines=not funaddiction=not funno money=not funbeing abandoned by friends= not funbeing shunned by family= not funreducing intellegance=not funlosing everything you have (car, house, job, etc.)=not funDEATH=NOT FUNlogically, you must concludeDRUGS=NOT FUN!!
No. You’re stupid.
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