Has anyone had success with the "Olive oil" gall bladder clense?

Q:Has anyone had success with the “Olive oil” gall bladder clense?
More Answers to “Has anyone had success with the "Olive oil" gall bladder clense?
I do a gallbladder cleanse that involves fresh organic lemon juice and olive oil. The juice disolves any gallstones, and the olive oil re-lubricates the gall duct so that no irritation occures. This has prevented many potential cases of gall bladder stones needing the removal of the gall bladder. No. I drink Cranberry juice and that works for me.
Popeye used Olive Oil for a variety of “treatments” some worked and some didn’t. Brutes was the real cure for what bothered Popeye. It is supposed to cleanse your gall bladder with “Olive oil”, but you have to take into account that it is POSSIBLE done on scheme and ot must be taken too much, so I strongly recommend you not to use it without the supervision of a phisician or person, who deals with Alternative medicine. It is really very helpfyl for variety of diseases, sure. Personally, I tried with cranberries juice and parsley juice. Best of luck!! Source(s):PERSONEL EXPERIENCE
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