any suggestions for dealing with ADHD without use of medications for an 11 Year old?

Q:any suggestions for dealing with ADHD without use of medications for an 11 Year old?
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We have a wonderful doctor that is the leading researcher on the east coast in behavioral disorders in children. Our daughter is acting somewhat normal now after seeing her for almost a year through vitamin treatments and other therapies. She sees kids worldwide and is a miracle worker. Her name is Dr Mary Megson. I hate sounding like an add, but I can’t explain how happy this woman has made our family.we actually have our child back not some space cadet! Source(s):EXPERIENCE I am really surprised that so many suggest medicine given that this is supposed to be “alternative medicine”Anyway, I have heard that Omega-3 and 6 have been known to really help with those symptoms of ADD and ADHD. It will probably take longer than the caffine suggestion but if you’re looking for something real I would look into something like that. Definitely don’t give sugar! But you probably know that already. I think that it’s great that you are looking for an alternative to ritalin, don’t give up!
Quite a few suggestions on this site: this one: a few of these sites listed in this search:
About the only thing you could try is counseling with a specialist in ADHD management. But about the first thing he will want to know is what medication the child is on. I have had ADHD all my life, and nothing, but nothing helped at all. I gave everyone fits at times, and I was not as severe as many kids are. Therapy has helped some kids with the problem, but results have been the best when combined with medications.You might want to look at some of the sites for natural/herbal remedies for ADHD. There are a few out there, and the compounds are natural, herbal products without side effects. Check it out, and you might be surprised as how much there is available.And you might want to reconsider your stand on medication. I still take a prescribed medication. Sure, it has side effects. But so does ADHD; this is something you need to consider. No, it has not made me a druggie, or anything like one. But it has helped me to hold a job, and even excel at it. Check online for support groups for ADHD; there are many, and you can see what they say about how they are coping. Maybe medication isn’t what you want, but these groups can give you other ideas. Personally, I believe that I can choose to “tough it out” or to take the medication and live a better life. Good luck, I wish you the best; ADHD is harder on the parents than the kids many times!! Research and multiple opinions from doctors. ADHD is the most diagnosed (and misdiagnosed) affliction today. Don’t believe the hype!
Activity is key in ADD and ADHD children. You’ve probably noticed that your child has a real affinity for certain things (commonly Television, Video Games, certain books) but when the activity is something that doesn’t catch their attention, they drift off focus, or rebel and outright don’t want to do it.This is all very common, and, using a little creativity, you can work it to your advantage. Diet can also play a large role in this. Avoid sugary foods. and not just candy and soda. White Bread, Pasta, or typically high carb foods. Lastly. hit your local library. There are SEVERAL books on Attention Deficit. and many books talk about alternates to Ritalin or Adderal and such. They DO work. but you really have to put the time and effort in and HELP your child understand.Books that I really found helpful and insightful are ‘Scattered’ and ‘Scattered Minds’ by Dr. Gabor Mate. who has suffered from ADD his entire life, and shows how it originates, and the various drug free methods for adults and children to cope.Good luck! Source(s):
I’ve read that Essential Fatty Acids (can be given as Flax Oil) can be very helpful. See the link below. Source(s): Watch for food allergies. Additives and colorings especially!Many times a food allergy is mis-diagnosed as ADHD.Many schools and doctors are too quick to diagnose ADHD as a band-aid for kids being kids and needing activity! Too many schools are canceling PE and recess and drugging up the kids.
Get him involved with things he likes to do.& you get involved too! Have fun! Dont treat him like he’s immature or that anything is wrong with him at all. Life is him how to explore the world & to deal with his problems one day at a time. I had ADHD when i was young, Took ridilin for a while it helped alot with school, i got better grades, but it kind of ruined my social life. Made me real quiet, everyone thought i was wierd heh. i agree it would probably be better not to medicate, and just get him a tutor once a week or somthing.Yes caffine right before class works wonders to help concentrate, i use it for college.
put him sports or martial arts. keep him active. it will teach him disciplin. and put him in a program after school. I have found with my own son that starting out his day with protein helps him tremendously. If I give him eggs, ham, toast, milk and orange juice he is a respectful, kind patient boy. If he has cereal .watch out. My mother and sister both have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and my mother controls hers with protein (egg or peanut butter on toast) and natural sugar (4 oz glass of oj) every morning and she feels fine. If she doesn’t start out her day like this .. she gets light headed and her hands shake. She suggested I try the same for my son and he really does much better on the days I give him the good healthy breakfast. My husband has come home from work and not been in the door 5 mins and said . cereal today ? . that’s how obvious the change was for him. I also use behavior modification because my son also has Asperger’s Syndrome. He doesn’t take any medications and his behavior has improved SOOOO much in the past couple years. Extra time for breakfast, extra time explaining things and he puts forth an extra effort to control his behavior. Good Luck
When I was about this age, Doctors perscribed coffee. They said that the caffiene had a focusing affect in some ADHD kids. Has to be coffee, though. Sugar negates it. Use equal. I’m sure a Diet Pop would be fine. Give it a try for a month, morning and noon, and see what happens. Start small. Like practicing to sit still for one minute while saying an easy ryhme over and over. IE: “roses are red, violets are blue, i can sit still how about you?” Or try having them do simple math. Make it fun. Like doing 50 additon problems in 3 minutes. If he succeeds let him pick what he would like to do next. IE: tv program, video game.
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