Alternate ways to treat high blood pressure.?

Q:Any suggestions for treating high blood pressure other than drugs. I took a blood pressure medicine called Toprol, and it ruined my immune system and they think that is why I contracted lichen planus. All suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you all.
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I saw my physician about 3 days ago to have my BP checked. I have tried the Beta blocker type medications (Toprol is in the class of drugs) but their primary mode of action in to slowing down your heart I didn’t tolerant it due to it’s side effect known as exercise tolerance….and adversely effected my ability to run any longer than 30-45 minutes at a time. So my MD switched me to one of the ACE inhibitors.But to answer question about contolling your hypertension without drugs…some of the people provided accurate alternatives….Keep your weight under controlDo some aerobic exercise (even just walking 30 minutes very other dayMaintain a healthy dietReduce your level of stress (that’s tough for most of us)But I didn’t notice if anyone mentioned 2 of the primary ways to reduce your BP…1] Avoid using salt -I don’t even keep salt in my home.Most of us consume twice the amount of salt recommended – 1/2 teaspoon per day.2] Avoid or at least reduce the amount of caffeine in your diet.Just a couple of ideas to help with keeping yours, mine and other people’s BP under control.
Obviously you are under a Dr.’s care. So anything a lay person can tell you is probably not the best way to go. I have treated my high bp with moderate exercise, hot baths, a good book, quiet time and lots of fluids. Stress is one of the greatest contributors to hi bp.
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