Any home Remedies for Cataracts?

Q:My father was recently diagnosed with cataracts in one eye and glycoma in the other. He is taking the eye drops from the Dr (when he remembers), with no healing progress. I am in more favor of home remedies, I just have no clue (other than eat more carrots) on whats helps these dieseases. Any suggests would help ALOT!
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There are not any home remedies for cataracts, there is a homoeopathic eye drop on the market that states it can lessen the symptoms of cataracts, these should generally be avoided as they usually work by partially dilating the eye allowing you to see around the plaque like material, these only work on limited types of cataracts and can be potentially dangerous, if the person has narrow angle glaucoma it can actually cause angle closure which can blind a person in days if not hours. As for the glaucoma there is not any effective home remedy for this either, no not even marijuana. You would have to smoke an unrealistic amount and would die from cancer before you would help your eyes. If correct use of the glaucoma eye drops is an issue check with the ophthalmologist to see if there is another med therapy that is more effective, there are numerous glaucoma drops, and even a pill if able to be tolerated. As a last resort there are also glaucoma surgeries. I’m sorry to say that you cannot “heal” damage done from glaucoma, it is not reversible. Once your optic nerve is damaged, that part of your vision is gone, the goal of controlling the eye pressure is to now prevent any further damage, IE vision loss.
This is it after seaching around doing alot of research I am taking and doing fine is a co called shaklee I am taking1- mental ecuity plus 2- carotomax 3- flavomax 4-glucose regulation complex thank god IM feeling great it improved my health my doctor is happy to more information ask email you can buy it at
Don’t know any. But surgery is ok and safe now a days.
Here are a few things you can try.drink alot of OJ, lots of vitamin cGet your beta-carotene and vitamin E. Look away when the microwaves in useDont drink alchol or very little-A lcoholism interferes with the nutritional pathway of food to the lens, making cataract formation more likely,Dont smoke-cigarette smokers are more likely than nonsmokers to develop cataracts. That’s because toxic substances in smoke damage the lens nucleus, causing cataracts.Take pain relivers-people who take aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil) and acetaminophen (Tylenol) are half as likely to develop cataracts as other folks. That’s because cataract formation is related to blood sugar (one reason why people with diabetes are more susceptible to cataract formation), and there’s some evidence that aspirin and aspirin-like products reduce the rate at which your body uses glucose. Try these. There a home remedies book that we can get Amazon.Com, Books A Million and places. I have listed some websites to help you out.
Here are some truly natural Shaklee supplements that are very helpful in treating & avoiding cataracts.Zinc: healing & connective tissue repair; immune system boosterVitamin C: antioxidant properties to prevent tissue damageCarotomax: defiency has been linked to poor vision & cataract formationUnheated Protein Supplement: important for lens repairB-Complex: essential for intracellular eye metabolismWhen selecting natural supplements, it’s imperative to seek out the very best. In my opinion, this is Shaklee.For more info or questions, feel free to contact me.
Cataract:it is a degeneration of the lens of the eye. which becomes white or bluish white,. it generally occurs in old people.mixture of MP3x,NP3x, CF12x alone 4 times a day with six hours interval often suffices. you may try this..Glacoma:serious eye trouble caused by eye strain, there is severe pain in the eye ball and headache. this is considered incurable, these medicines often cure.Give NM3X for 3 or 4 days 1 or 2 grains three times a day.then, NM6x for 3 or 4 days ,, ,, ,,then, NM12x for 3 or 4 days ,, .. ,,then, NM30x ,, .. ,, ,,and lastly NM200x for a week. adding other medicine for other symptoms if any, as above.
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