can you tell me a natural method to get rid of warts that really works?

Q:can you tell me a natural method to get rid of warts that really works?
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Sharp knife. Dig good and deep to get it all.
Wart Wonder worked for my children’s plantar’s warts
Eat them off! It works!
go buy somethingwhen i had a wart it came off within a few days after using this medicine i got from the store
go to the doctors
I believe that putting a banana peel on a planters wart is supposed to get rid of, well, a planters wart. I’m not sure if this same thing would work for a ‘common’ wart or for a person who does not like bananas. 🙂
Freezone and yes it works
wrap duct tape around it or buy the freeze off stuff
freeze it or burn it
kissing frogs.
theres a medicine you can use
Get them frozen by the doctor. It is painless, unless you have big warts, them they have to hold the freezer thing on for a long time and get it deep down…but it works pretty well because it either kills the skin cells in that area, or makes the immune system aware of them.Don’t use the banana peel technique, it gets really messy and is not practical!Good luck getting rid of your warts.
get a knife cut that sucker off
Buying the pads at a pharmacy works. But it depends on how big they are i think. They say that duct tape works. I’ve gotten some frozen off. It works. But it hurts really bad!
Can I Prevent Warts?There is no way to prevent warts, but it’s always a good idea to wash your skin regularly and well. If you cut or scratch your skin, be sure to use soap and water because open wounds are more susceptible to warts and other infections. It’s also a good idea to wear waterproof sandals or flip-flops in public showers, locker rooms, and around public pools (this can help protect against other infections, like athlete’s foot, too). If you do have warts, don’t rub, scratch, or pick at them or you may spread the virus to another part of your body or cause the wart to become infected.For more information just click on the linke below?
Put duct tape over them. It really works!
the duct tape thing, yes, it works, very weird, but true
Yikes! Don’t listen to most of those crazy people! They make little band-aid type thingys (I think they’re even usually in the band-aid section of the pharmacy). They sell that Freeze stuff there too – it’s really expensive but Ihear it works too.
burn em Chew them off
Salicylic Acid….i.e. Compound W, DuoFilm….theres a buch of em
have you ever watched Nanny McPhee??act like her. :]
Marigolds. Using a tincture of marigolds applied to the wart a few itmes a day is meant to work miricles. You can find lots of information about this from herbal practitioners. But the best method for getting rid of them is to freeze them off. This uses no drugs, just very cold nitrogen which evaporates and leaves no trace on your body. Veruccas are otherwise known as plantar warts.It really depends which one you prefer. Look up the mirgold treatment anyway ( you might find a lot of it cetres on veruccas but they are caused by the same virus just on a different part of the body)
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