i have bad circlation my docter gives me quinine tabs 300mg but i still get cramps at night any surgestions?

Q:what gives you cramps at night even though you take a quinine tablet 300mg i drink pleny of water
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you should maybe tell your doctor so you get better advice than here.
try drinking tonic water on a nite it has quinine in it
This might be a long shot, but try drinking, of all things, Gatorade. My Mom has been plagued with leg cramps. Recently she was treated for dehydration (unusual for her because she does drink water regularly). The doctor recommended Gatorade, which certainly helped. The unintended side effect was that her cramps went away. Guess the Gatorade replaced her electrolytes just fine.Your situation is different, of course, but … maybe it’s worth a try?
sometime amytripyline can work at a low dose such as 10-25mg
Might want to try Omega3 OMEGA-HMJ is a great brand with no after taste–burping up fishy taste.Avail at Walmart in a box of 30 blister pak softgels.Only 6 bucks or so.Best Omega3 quality and value I have found anywhere!
There are anti-spasticity drugs available that are low risk. Flexoril / Tizanidine may be worth asking your doctor about.
I also had poor circulation until my doctor suggested I take the herb “Butcher’s Broom” in the form of Circu-Caps. It has made all the difference! I’ve been taking one a day since mid February and have had no cramping problems since. Maybe try stretching before you go to bed and then again when you wake up. Stretching increases circulation.
Have him check your potassium-sometimes that causes cramps.Eat bananas, and orange juice to help with potassium.Wear long pants and socks to bed, or take a warm bath or shower right before bed to relax the muscles, and improve circulation. When you are warm, the blood vessles open up, resulting in increased circulation to your legs.
I used to get bad leg cramps and someone told me a simple thing to help at night. Just a little salt on the tip of your tongue when your legs camp up and a short drink should do the trick, but you really need to find the cause of the cramps and all the things we have been reading about here are treating the symptom, not the cause.
I find eating bananas helps get rid of cramps, it could be you’re lacking some deficiency in your diet.
could be that you sitting down funny try walking around and massage them i get them massaging seems to work
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