Does chicken noodle soup really help when.?

Q:you have a cold or flu? Just curious to hear stories, thanks!
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The steam helps clear the muscus from your nose and throat, and you can’t take on too much clear fluids when you have a cold. As a matter of fact, yes! Scientists found some very useful ingredient in chicken soup. But the thing that works for me is raw garlic. Just pop a clove in your mouth and crush it. Swish with a little water, and swallow. It’ll burn like crazy if it works, but the cold will be much better overnight, and history within 2 days. Sometimes a second clove is needed for the tough ones. But the ‘exploding’ sensation tells. You will know if it worked. Trust me.
Yeah it does ironically. It has clear fluids, nutrients, and if served hot, head clearing properties. There is a chemical in chicken that is supposed to help relieve soemthing.. i can’t quite remeber what but, but the chemical is supposed to help with colds.
I’ve heard it really does help. Something about the amino acids. soup has no medical value but it does cover the mential side.
yes it helps.but dont 4get 2 still take ure medicine It always helps when I have a sore throat.
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