Sleep How to get it!!?

Q:All the alternative sleep aids just wire me, Lunesta hardly helps and trazadone worked for a while. I take 3mg of lunesta now it works some of the time. Ambein wires me too…. Help
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Homeopathy :-If you have been using sleeping pills and still cant go to sleep take NUX VOMICA 30C about half hour before your bedtime and just lie down you will be sleeping like a baby before you know it and it will get rid of your pill popping habit too and you will wake up feeling refreshed and active after it .Take care and God Bless you ! well, you close your eyes,…. and thats it, not so hard
Do you sleep better on your side? Propped up with pillows? You may need to change your sleeping position.Also, if you go to sleep too early or take “cat naps” during the day, it will affect your sleep rhythm.You may be eating too late before you go to bed.You may want to turn off the TV before you go to bed.You may have too much energy, and need to exercise more.Good luck!
Welcome to my world, I do not fall asleep till 6:00 am if I do fall asleep, this has been going on for 13 years, my daughter has the same problem as I. Lunesta,6 mgs. no doesn’t work sure does leave a bad taste in the month. I have a very high resistance to all meds. I’m up a creek w/o a paddle. Ambein had the same affect on me to.
try some meditation during the day and before you go to bed. 15minutes max for beginning. There are herbs you can make tea out of that will work, like Lobelia, skullcap,Passionflower, Damiana, Wild (Opium) Lettuce. You could even add some peppermint and smoke it and well…..lets just say you will feel relaxed. You can get it at a healthfood store which sells lose herbs. Look for sleepy time teas.If you want to go rx- try amitriptylineI would suggest having your serotonin levels checked.Do you drink loads of caffeine during the day? Do you take other medication that could affect your serotonin?
Why can”t you sleep? Are you stressed out? Try the followingthings: No caffeine after noon. No snacks after supper meal. Put on some nice music when you retire. Go to bed about the same time every night. Don’t lay and think about problems or things you need to do Take a cool shower before bedtime Quit taking any pills for this purpose..they don’t work Close your eyes and see yourself on a private beach with the warm sun and gentle breeze and palm trees. That might relax you and soon you’ll be off to the land of nod.
I had chronic insomnia as well. I don’t take any medication because I wanted to find the underlying problem. What I found was a berry that is full of phytonutrients, flavenoids and polysaccharides. Since discovering this, I have slept like a baby every night.
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