WASP BITE! How do I make the itching and swelling go down with natural remedy?

Q:It’s driving me crazy.
More Answers to “WASP BITE! How do I make the itching and swelling go down with natural remedy?
apply salt water or vinegar
there is a chance the stinger is still in your skin , if so try moistened cig tobacco or bacon fat on it . this will draw it out.
just put some clear nail polish over the affected area…. if you stop air from getting to the wound it’ll stop the iching and redness… goodluck
My granddaughter and I was at a neighbor’s pool several years ago, we were there by ourselves. She was laying on a raft when a wasp stung her.Without ever hearing or seeing this done, I jumped out with her in my arms, grabbed a cigg from my pack, bit the end of the cigg(tobacco), laden with spit, I packed the wet tobacco unto the sting and held it there until she said it didn’t hurt anymore. When I removed the tobacco, the stinger was laying on top of her skin – away from the wound.She only had a slight pain and no itching and the wound healed quickly.It was quick thinking – but I can’t say it was my thinking – I don’t know how I knew what to do, it just came natural.Now I swear by the tobacco, but I believe it has to be wet. It’s either baking soda and waterOr it’s vinegar. One is for bees, the other for wasps. Try one and if it doesn’t work, try the other.
Do you have any seasoned meat tenderizer?
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