Is anyone aware of any Medicinal Medicines for pancreatic Cancer?

Q:Is anyone aware of any Medicinal Medicines for pancreatic Cancer?
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Homeopathic Remedies for Pancreatic Cancer :-The following medicines are used to cure Cancer of The Pancreas 1.Calcarea Arsenicosa2.Phosphorus3.IodiumAnd a few others too.Which one will cure any certain person ? Is the remedy which mostly closely resembles his or her symptoms. Homeopathy treats the person not the disease so the patients individual symptoms will decide which is the most appropriate remedy for him or her.Please give details for an appropriate remedy !Take care and God Bless you There have been some great research done on cancer and holistic medicines. Cyberwize has been in the news a lot lately. I know someone who personally began feeling better after taking some supplements.
Yes. See an oncologist, they have all the latest medicines.Anyone who suggests you eschew modern medicine for alternative treatments is (knowingly for profit, or unknowingly for gullibility) leading you to certain death. Sounds melodramatic, but it isn’t. Please see the resource below for information on the cancer treatment quackery that abounds.If you want a real chance to live, then stay away from alternative medicine.
There is much research that you would be interested in reading. The link is below, based on sound science. If I were diagnosed with cancer, I would be asking questions like what caused this and how can I reverse the cause. Dr. Cass Ingram’s book, “The Cause For Cancer Revealed,” is a very interesting book. Another approach (and one that can be used in conjunction with other methods are glyconutrients. Worth spending the time to look at this information also! If you are interested in this Bob Kulpinski is the expert to talk to. Just tell him Victoria sent you. 281-465-9889.Blessings to you and your family!
My grandmother has pancreatic cancer. The only way to cure it is by Chemotherophy. She goes once every two weeks for treatments. If you are anyone you know has this please go to the doctor and start treatments. It’s a really serious illiness. That can take a life. Be sure to eat as much as possbile because it causes you to lose a lot of weight. My grandmother use to weigh 140 lbs before this illness now she weighs 102. Also drinks lots of water and gatoraid because it can also dehydrate you. I hope I helped out some. If you have any more questions please email me. Take care
All cancer is anaerobic. Day’s one-three clean system out by only drinking water. Days four though twenty one add fruits and vegetables one or two/day to diet. Buy a juicer! Only eat fruits vegetables whole grains or unprocessed nuts(no added salts) for one month then go to your doctor and see if your white cell counts are improving. Continue diet until cancer is gone. Then if you must you may add meats/processed foods back into your diet once/week. After being cancer free for a year you may be able to go back to regular eating habits, but it isn’t recommended.
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