Why did I have worse pain while I was having my acupuncture treatment?

Q:Why did I have worse pain while I was having my acupuncture treatment?
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because this treatment affect directly to the nervous point in the body , and you have a problem in your nervous system (inflammation) .so the nervous system become very sensitive in this case …..
A lot of it depends on why you went for treatment and what was being worked on. If it was a muscular issue, it could be that the muscle was still trying to maintain its contraction while the treatment was working to relax it. It could also be a side effect of increased circulation in the area of the imbalance. As long as the pain sensation either returned to the previous level or stopped completely, it should be OK. What did the acupuncturist have to say about it? They need to know what’s going on with your body during the treatment. Do you feel better now? That’s common you will probably get headaches and more joint pain at first because your body is actually reacting to the treatment which is a good thing. Your body is getting extra blood flow in the areas that are not moving freely and when these areas start moving as they should you can feel it at first until it is regulated. You have to keep going for treatments to have your body function pain free. Good luck.
That isn’t ok. Normally you feel a certain relief. In no case you should have more pain. There are two different groups of patients concerning acupuncture. On the one hand the responder. These people acupuncture can help. On the other hand there are the non-responder. In this case acupuncture can’t help. Typically a good acupuncterer should be able to distinguish these two groups within three or four sessions.If you feel a worse pain than before the acupuncture you should stop the treatment and that should also know your therapist !Pain signals a dysfunction.
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