This is a hard one to ask? How do you know or think you might have cancer?

Q:My body aches and is sore
More Answers to “This is a hard one to ask? How do you know or think you might have cancer?
Rapid weight loss. Loss of appetite. Lymph nodes enlarged proof of infection. you are concerned so you should get to a doctor
There are so many things that could make a person sore and tired. A low grade infection, like an infected tooth or bad gums, could make you feel run down with flu like symptoms. Don’t worry yourself sick, just make an appointment for a physical, and explain your concerns to your Dr. But do get in soon, so you can find out just what it is going on. People scare about cancer both more people die with problem by cholesterol and 85% people they not worry, if you they not 75% people with cancer live more longer new treatment and medication, People they to educated more and learn to
It’s more than just a feel you will need to go to your doctor. I have never heard of aches and pains as being the DECIDING factor do you have any family member that has cancer before? do you smoke?Do you eat junk food more than 3 times in a week?If the answers are no, you will be fine. if you body aches , doesnt sound like cancer.If cancer runs in your family best thing to do is make an appt with your doctor asap..share you concers and your imput along with family history.Im sure your doctor will run test’s and see if you do or not.Just try not to worry so much and im sure you will be find
i dont kno but ive been hurting everywhere!! go get checked out If u think u have cancer u will get it oneday. as it is believed that Cancer is physcosomatic disease.
Unless you have a medical degree or are extremely well read and versed in diagnosis you don’t know! And since there are several types of cancer, if you think you have one of them you should consult at least one and preferably two or three different doctors.The sooner the better, many forms of cancer can be cured if detected early enough.
go to the doctor u go to the doctor and find out as soon as possible so then if thats the case it can be detected quick and the doctors can help u out or soemthing
Hi. I hope your feel better.Your symptoms alone can’t determine the development of cancerous cells. Blood tests would have to be conducted. Your symptoms sound like they could be anything or nothing. Don’t worry too much. If your symptoms persist, it would be best to seek help from a physician.Since you have asked A few symptoms of cancer (in the general sense) are:1.) Change in bowel movements (frequency, texture, composition)2.)A change in a mole (asymmetry, border, color, diameter)3.) A wound that does not heal.4.) Decreased appetite.5.) Bruising easily.I hope you feel better. Rest, please, and do not obsess. You do not have any sign of cancer
you need to go see an oncologist but go see a primary care doctor have them give you a blood test a blood test can tell you alot. those symptoms could mean a lot of things. they could mean lupus, epstein-barr syndrome, it could mean you have the flu!go see a doctor, what you don’t know could kill you!
well, from wat i heard, if u have dark spots on ur skin and u don’t have any hair on it, u have cancer. i dunno if there’s a history of cancer in your family, you should go get checked out. time wasted will cost you in the end.
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