What is your first opinion about homeopathy?

Q:What is your first opinion about homeopathy?
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I think 99% of it is total B.S. A lot of people make a lot of money of all these stupid new age remedies, and most of them don’t do a damn thing other than have a placebo effect on the people who believe that it will work.
Originally had an open attitude toward it, but the more I learned about it, the more of a scam it seems. Consumers should not be so gullible- they are wasting millions of dollars a year.
first i probably thought it was bs when i was a kid.then probably that it might be cheaper than using the medical system. and less potential for harm and invasion.
It is complete nonsense. People that practice it are frauds and charlatans. Believing in homeopathy is about as reasonable as believing in the easter bunny or Santa Claus.
The only thing which Cures, Really Cures ! Its all about healing in the true sense which our so called Doctors have failed to grasp, I mean Healing 😉 ! So they are against it because healing isn’t their profession selling medicines is. Homeopathy is the Art of Healing and its the new school of medicine and the old goats are not ready to give in but they will soon as people lose the rest of the trust they had in them because they call themselves Doctors. No wonder what they do they call it PRACTICE (Says much about their profession, doesn’t it ?) LOL, Well why don’t they Practice on themselves instead of playing with other peoples money and health.They have still a long way to go in becoming Healers from mere Doctors and practicing instead of healing.Well you asked about my opinion of Homeopathy I can sum it up in one word “HEALING” !Take Care and God Bless you !
Sexual orientation isn’t the barrier it used to be.
It takes time
It is nonsense.It is an unscientific fraud.It is based on the idea that if you give someone a dose of what is making them ill they will get better!What utter baloney!One of it’s main tenets is the idea of dilution: i’.e the more to dilute the medicine th better it works: this is self-evidently silly.The conditions on which it is claimed to be most effective are those which are most susceptable to placebos.But if you visit a homeopathist you will get much more attention than at your g-p, and I can only surmise that this is the cause of it’s popularity (as well as the fact that “alternative” treatments are currently in vogue).
I love it
It’s great! I wish our insurance would cover it.
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