Where can i Find NoNI FruiT..Not the Juice..The Fruit itself?

Q:Where can i Find NoNI FruiT..Not the Juice..The Fruit itself?
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I don’t think you can unless you go and pick them yourself, it seems the way they are harvested is very important to the product. In order to protect Noni Fruit’s nutrients, it must be harvested in a very specific way. “Noni’s nutritional value is best when picked ripe, which results in the highest level of polysaccharides, fatty acids, and proteins-compounds possibly responsible for the therapeutic biological activity of the fruit,” writes Dr. Harvey Kaltsas, President Emeritus of the Florida State Oriental Medical Association and the American Association of Oriental Medicine.The processing of Noni Fruit can be done through Juice only Method, the Puree method, Tablets and Capsules method and the Powdered Juice Method, each of which have their pros and cons.The Juice Only method is the purest form of Noni Juice because it is picked while the product is ripe, bordering on rotten. However, when the Noni fruit juice is 100% pure it can be difficult to palate because of noni’s inherit strong taste. The Puree Method is good too, but while being under scientific investigation, too many extra agents that are added may weaken the nutrient potency of the juice. Tablets and Capsules Method are like dried fruit. In this method the natural taste of the Noni fruit is covered and therefore, the efficacy is unknown. In the Powdered Juice Method, like in the Capsules and Tablets Method, the Noni fruit is picked when reached maturity. The fruit is dehydrated and ground. While the drying process covers the natural taste the juice will still have a nice flavor. However, the drying and dehydrating process masks some nutritional value.
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