Where can I find the best marijuana seeds for a hydroponic system?

Q:I need to know what seeds you think create the best bud , and a good place to order them from.
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Marijuana is illegal. Sending it in the mail is illegal. Sending it across state lines, even by a private carrier like FedEx or UPS is also illegal. As a result, there are no places that will publicly offer to sell it to you. You cannot just “order” it. And anyone here who gave you specific advice about how to break the law would be putting himself in legal jeopardy, so that is not likely to happen.The only seeds that can legally be sent across state lines in the United States are “deactivated” seeds, which are used in, for example, certain bird food. If you are looking to grow them in a hydroponic system, they are every bit as illegal to transport as the weed itself.Good luck!
every seed is a great seed it depend of your knowledge of herbalism and the system your choosing,but my bet is a cannabis club or a college agriculture extension department.
ask the FBI
more than likely,if you can order them they’re not worth growing.
good luck ordering them..why don’t you just go to your local head shop and ask them.
Have you been to the High times website? Or get a hold of a recent copy of the HIGH TIMES magazine.There are alot of seed banks you can purchase from but they are typically in europe.GOOD LUCK! : )
http://www.cannabis-seeds.co.uk/.I recommend AK47 its easy to grow, gives a good yield and is quite strong
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