does anyone know how reliable a chiropractor is?

Q:I’m having trouble with my back. Visited a chiropractor last week and has diagnosed me as having vertebral sublaxation. Basically my spine is twisted and need’s correcting. I need a year’s treatment 3 time a week for 3 months and once a week for a further 9 months. But the cost is over 3000 euro. Don’t mind paying it if i’m gonna be fixed . I’m a carpenter, so can’t afford to have back trouble’s at me tender age of 32.
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Not so sure anymore. They always wanted to see me at least every week, sometimes 2-3X a week. In all the months I went, there was never much difference, only briefly. Then I found out I had a ruptured disc and dont know when that happened. I hope it wasn’t going to the chiro. I’d say looking back, it was’nt worth it. Chiropractors are doctors, you know. However, once you start seeing a chiro, you have to keep seeing a chiro. Get used to shelling out the dough, but hey, if it works then it is worth it!
Trust your chiropractor!!I too am a construction worker and if it wasn’t for chiropractic care I wouldn’t be working.They know what they are doing and the treatments DO work
The traditional theories that chiropractors are taught are not based on science. (The theory behind subluxation is dubious, btw.) Some of the adjustments (particularly to the neck) can be downright dangerous. Many chiropractors promote questionable practices, such as the irresponsible use of herbs, so-called energy medicine and homeopathy.The treatment that chiro is advisiing is way too long and too expensive. You have very good reason to be skeptical of the advise the chiropractor gave you.If you are going to see a chiropractor, look for someone who restricts his or her practice to the treatment of muscular-skeletar problems of the back. If the person promotes anything that seems questionable or New Agey, such as chiropractic treatment as “personal growth”, claims that kids need regular chiropractic treatment, tells parents not to vaccinate their kids, sells vitamins, herbal products or medical devices, RUN (and cancel any payment you may have made).You might be better off seeing a physiatrist (doctor who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation) or a physical therapist. Both of these medical professionals have more extensive training than chiropractors and should be committed to using procedures based on scientiffic knowlege and not pseudoscience.Before even considering seeing a chiropractor, READ and STUDY the following web site: Well a chiropractor is mainly there for caring stress. If you have a problem with your back I would recommand seeing one. That does seem alot to fix a problem maybe you should check for lower price chiropractors?
well, I have been going to a chiropractor for 15 years. I even go to the “Best” one in Florida. I have now,nerve damage to lower spine and neck that shoots down my right leg and foot. I have to go for pain treatments to walk.I totally believed in chiropractors for years. But my pain doctor explained to me that they adjust you but your body tissues,etc atre like elastic and that is why you keep going back to the chiropractor.because your body goes back to the form it was originally in. Sure explains alot to me.
First, point your search engine at “quackwatch” and follow the links. Chiropractors cannot even agree on the one sole thing they profess to treat: subluxation. They cannot show it to you on an x-ray. They deny this simple fact, but it is proven. They are less useful than a trained masseuse – who, by the way, would probably do your aching muscles some real good. What chiropractors are very good at is providing a sympathetic attitude and a remarkably skilful slendering of your wallet!NO chiropractic training institute is certified in ANY other area of human wellness: not nutrition, not treating allergies, not treating nerve disorders, not treating cancer, not treating obesity, not treating bad habits such as smoking or exessive use of alcoholic beverages. They certainly DO NOT engage in valid, replicable scientific research – though they will swear upon a stack of bibles that they do!Your best cure for a bad back is almost always “Tincture of Time”. In other words, take it easy and let time heal the soreness. If severe, mobility-limiting pain goes on unremittent for two weeks, then it is time to see a doctor of orthopedics, not a chiropractor or an osteopath. Source(s):Forty years of clinical experience and sixteen years living with herniated lumbar and cervical discs.
GET A SECOND OPINION. I’ve been to a good chiropractor and a bad one. The bad one treated me 3 times a week for months. The bill was enormous and it didn’t really do anything for me. i have used chiropractors for 50 years and they certainly can help.but think this one is going after the bucks.I would shop around a little.chiros. are all different and use different technics
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