Fungal infection that wont die! Tea tree oil?? HELP!?

Q:I’ve been fighting these red little flaky spots all over my body for a couple months now. the doctor tells me its fungal, and i believe him, except i dont think its ringworm because its not in a ring. just red spots that grow and flake. it first showed up as one localized spot a year ago, but after going to the doctor, i got medicine, and it went away, now, a summer later, its back but with fury. its ALL over my body. my doctor gave me medicine to apply to EACH spot until they disappeared, but since its all over my body it was not only impractical, but impossible to find every spot and medicate it twice a day. so i gave up on the cream and now its spreading like wild fire. i just ordered some tea tree oil and soap that i can blindly apply everywhere. will that work since i cant very well go on a scavenger hunt everyday for these spots? Help me, i’m being taken over by this infection! 🙁
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Go with the first guy’s suggestion of using a dandruff shampoo. (I’d recommend one like Selsun Blue.) If it’s fungal, that will take care of it. If it doesn’t take care of it, it most likely isn’t a fungal skin condition and you need to go back to your doc and ask to be referred to a dermatologist. A dermatologist will be able to diagnose your condition easier than your family care physician. Source(s):Had a fungal skin infection several years ago. And my husband is a third year med student so I end up learning WAY more than necessary about mine and my family’s medical issues. Fungus? It sounds like eczema, a common skin condition that people in my family suffer from. We get small reddish spots that become dry and then itch and flake. They often recurr at the same locations and seasonally they become better or worse. From our experience, the factors that most affect the condition are:Exposure to sunlight helpsMoisturizing after showering helpsHarsh soaps are drying and make it worseAlmost any kind of antibiotic or fungal cremes aren’t effectiveThey get worse when I’m not drinking enough waterThe water quality from city to city also effects the conditionTea Tree Oil is volatile and very drying to the skin, so although it’s anti-fungal properties have been clinically tested, if the root cause of your condition is not fungus, it may make it worse.Hope this helps.To read more on eczema at webmd follow this link: yes tea tree oil can help. you can buy just the oil at most storesuse a cotton ball to apply all over also jock itch cream will work.I use both they work well. also add the tea tree oil to bath gel -soap and use daily to help keep the rash from coming back. It sounds like you need to be treating this from the inside of your body while using some of the recommended products others told you about. I do know that Melaleuca has some excellent products for that, which will help with the itching and flakes, etc. but consider taking something that will heal the problem and prevent it from coming back next year. The product I speak of is an adaptogen and goes to work on all auto-immune deficiencies. It also contains 4 polysaccharides which help to keep your blood alkalide and remove uric acid and bacteria. It has shown to be very effective for skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis, and also comes with medical validation. Check out Lycium Barbarum on are 72 published clinical studies there. Source(s) Are you sure this isn’t psoriasis? doctor SAYS it’s fungal, but the cream he gave you isn’t working. Did he take a scraping of those patches, and have it tested?From what I’ve read on the psoriasis site, shampoo with tea tree oil seems to help. Yellow dock tea may help. It may not mix with medicine. Try the clay cure book.
The tea tree oilk should help a little. I don’t know that it will KILL the infection. But something in your body is not functioning right or you have a lack of something! So what I suggest is to go to like a herbalist in your area n see if there are any teas they can mix up or some herbs or natural vitamins that can give your body the power to KILL this virus! Good luck, this is what I’d do! If it only shows up in the summer, it could be tinea versicolor. Use a dandruff shampoo on your skin when showering. It will kill the fungus, but you’ll have to get a tan over the white spots it leaves behind in order to look “normal” again.
Tea tree oil is always a good idea. I have eczema and it realy works. Try Melaleuca’s Renew Lotion or just straight up Melaleuca oil. Also they have an itch cream that you can use. If you have questions try me at Not that I have any medical training whatsoever, but isn’t there some drug you can take orally to help with this? You may have to do a little research on or elsewhere to find out. or consult your oh-so-helpful doctor about this.By the way, there is a ton of information online about any and all medical conditions under the sun. I would suggest you do your own research, learning as much as you can about the condition, matching online photos taken by doctors / dermatologists to figure out what it is you have, and then seek appropriate help. It’s an intelligent habit and often times you can heal yourself, which is cheaper and definitely more gratifying than being dependent on a doctor.
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