how do you get window glass out of your skin?

Q:i got my car window brokin and i didnt realize i had glass on the front seat so i have window glass stuck in my butt cheek and thigh how do i get it out
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OW? Sorry to hear bout your pain in the @r$e! But aside from the other suggestions, you can also use masking tape (not duct tape!) laid gently over the skin and peeled away (a new piece each time!) and that will help get out some of the smaller shards that you can’t see or get at with tweezers. I do this to get fiberglass out of my skin (my fiance works for a boat manufacturer and comes home with it all in his clothes). Whatever you are unable to remove or have removed, your body will end up pushing out on its own by way of small pimple-like bumps. The tiny pieces will come out in the pus. Sorry for being so graphic, but that’s how it works. Just keep the area clean – you can put peroxide into a spray bottle and apply it that way if it hurts too much to actually bathe. This will help prevent infection until it’s all out.
Hi! Wow, I’m sorry to hear that. Ok, first of all you need to make a poultice of Plantain (No, not the banana like thing.the herb). Plantain is very drawing, and will get the glass out. You should be able to find some in the health food stores locally..if you have to get the capsules, just open them up. Now, here’s how to make the poultice. Get a wet cloth, and get the Plantaiin wet with warm water, not dripping but very moist. Put the Plantain on the cloth. Apply to the cut for 20 minutes, and the Plantain should have gotten out all of the glass. If it hasn’t, reapply and that should do it. I am at if you have any questions, or reply to me here. Good luck! Pour some rubbing alcohol on the effected area, I would even suggest drinking some EDIBLE alcohol as well as what you are about to do will hurt. Take a tweezer and boil it in some water, then wait for it to cool. Now take a mirror and dig out the glass with the tweezer you will be bloody, but you should be fine, as long as the blood isnt like gushing out, cause there are some arteries in the thigh that if cut could kill you.
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