Any Yoga people here? My boyfriend who weighs 260lbs says it helps him. Answer me this?

Q:He stands on his freaking head and I am afraid he will break his neck because he is so fat. So, is this real yoga or is he just pretending. I thought it was supposed to be partly relaxation. How can he be relaxed if he is putting over 200 lbs on his head and neck. Is he pretending just for the heck of it? He is only 5’8″ tall and I think he is nuts. Do you agree? I think he is a fake.
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If you really think he is a fake maybe you need to find yourself a new boyfriend.However, if done correctly, headstands can be very beneficial. If done incorrectly (without proper instruction or self-body knowledge), it’s possible to do some serious damage to your neck.I just did a headstand today and feel great! Granted I don’t weigh a lot.I think yoga has a stereotype that it’s only for skinny flexible people. It’s the non-flexible people who can most benefit, regardless of weight.
I think the real question here is, if he is getting enjoyment from it and feeling better about himself for making the effort regularly why does it bother you?Ask yourself!Overweight people and the inflexable are the one’s who benefit most from yogas gentle ways and more vigorous ways.Craig – Naturopath
a fake? That’s pretty harsh. Do you love him? If so I think you’d support anything he decides to do that would help him enjoy movement. It’s commendable that he’s even able to stand on his head. I went to a yoga retreat where there were several overweight people and they all outdid me in the asanas(poses). It was my first exposure and I was absolutely amazed at the ease in which these people went through the movements. And it is extremely relaxing. Instead of being so judgemental, which is a very dangerous not to mention hurtful attitude, why don’t you look into yoga and find out. Actually standing on your head is very beneficial to your inner organs. The weight bothers me a bit , maybe he should try shoulderstands first and lose some weight and then he cando the headstand.
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