Can one overdose on omega3 fatty acids?

Q:Is it necessary to use flaxseed and fish oil at the same time?
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Forgive me, but this is hilarious. We are living in a world in which people have taken so radily to ingesting concentrated substances that there is now an acute need for balancing that which would be naturally balanced if there was no concentration process in the first place. I’m sorry if I sound cryptical – let me explain: Yes, you can O.D. on just about anything that has been extracted by artificial means, but you can hardly do so by obtaining the substance you’re after when you ingest it in a naturally balanced form; Omega3s are fish fats – just how much fish can you eat before you’ve had enough? This is a natural parachute to protect you from overdoing it. When you buy the nitrogen-packaged capsules though, there’s nothing to slow you down before it gets too much. Essence of what I’m saying: You are obviouly a health-conscious person, and want to do the right thing for your body. Trust me, eating things as they come directly from nature blows the doors off any jug of capsules, even if it cost you $49.99 at … 🙂 And to further honour your question, yes, you should eat as many different fatty acids as you can (talking only the good ones now, of course) – but don’t buy them in a jar. Find out what natural foods contain them, and eat them with as little processing as you consider to be safe. Both your body and your bank account will thank you for it. Nothing beats natural produce, no matter how much some company is investing in advertising for some highly refined product.
Yes, you can. the vitamin a can be toxic, moreso in the fish-oil based source than in beta carotene. Besides, there is a new worry now; fish oil contains mercury, and too much will make you mad as a hatter. This is something you need to speak to your doctor about. Large amounts of anything can overdose your body. People have been know to overdose infants with carrots. Babies skin actually turns yellow then orange. Never take a supplement without advice from a doctor. Herbs and supplements are not regulated by the FDA so the amount per pill is not verified and can fluctuate.
Agree with MT. You can overdose on vitamin A and D. The main thing to remember is to read the dosage label on the vitamins. I don’t think Omega 3 is all that bad but if you’re using a really good Omega 3 it can lower your blood pressure. This is a good thing unless your blood pressure is low to start with. Most vitamins will “pass through” if you get too many but some will give you warning signs. If you eat enough calcium/magnesium you will get loose as a goose.
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