Is weed really addicting?

Q:some people say it isnt, and some people say it is? i just wanna know
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Probably in the same way people are addicted to alcohol – but that is called alcoholism not addiction. Drink for social comfort or to relieve stress and pretty soon you are stressed earlier and earlier in the day. Weed has a lazy effect – lack of interest in work, smoke more out of boredom etc. kind of the a circle. But if we are going to keep weed illegal we better make is sound worse – which in a way it is because it stays and builds up in your system. Alcohol leaves your system faster but a heavy drinker will still be legally drunk in the morning while trying to work. All things in moderation.
Not in my case. But I never liked it. I don’t think it’s physically addictive the way some drugs are, but it could be mentally addictive for some of the weaker minds that need some help coping with reality.
it depends, if you like to smoke it because it gets you high, or you like to smoke it because it makes you mello. In my opinion it is not addicting unless you want it to be. If you let yourself get sucked into anything it can be addicting. Just learn your limits, but have fun while your doing it.And beware of the munchies, you will get fat! oh and try to stay active, be a creative stoner, arts, music.whateverI put a link to a awesome site, for any drug or whatever. have fun
u cant get addicted to weed sure u might want to smoke it but u can stop i seen lot of ppl stop
50% of the people who smoke it are too lazy to vote the other 50% are too stupid. So we’ll never really know.
It doesn’t create the same chemical addictions as cigarettes, alcohol, or heroin. Any behavior can be addicting, and this is no different. Just look around at the people you know who use. Some of them probably function normally in society, but I’ll bet some of them live to get high. It becomes everything their life is about, and the stop being the person they once were, and never become who they could be. And when they stop using it, they have trouble sleeping and concentrating. They crave it. To me, that is addicted.
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