What does spraying perfume on minor wound do?

Q:What does spraying perfume on minor wound do?
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why would u do that it would more than likely burn like hell
probably burns
ouchthe only thing that comes to mind.
Sting like heck!!♥
perfume contains alcohol so it acts like a scented antiseptic.However, the alcohol concentration is not strong enough to be very effective in severe cases.
Cause child molestors to get hungry.DON”T DO IT!
Sting like heck. Most perfumes contain a form of alcohol, but not isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. The oils and fragrances from the perfume could irritate it and make the minor wound worse. Stick to using rubbing alcohol and bandage it properly. If you don’t have rubbing alcohol use an antibacterial soap to clean it and then pat dry and bandage. Make it smell lovely.(There’s alcohol in perfume, so I’m guessing it’s sterile enough to spray on or around a minor wound.)
BURN but it will smell good while it burns
it depends upon the formula of the perfume,,,, perfumes caN IRRITATE you’re wounds either minor or acute.
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