Do any other women here experience orgasm from a regular massage?

Q:No perverts answer this question please! As long as I have gotten massages – regular Swedish massages nothing funny going on- I have had multiple orgasms about 10 minutes into the massage. It doesn’t matter if the person giving it is a man or woman. I try hard to think of other things, but I still have them. Is something wrong with me?Recently I had a chair massage in a health food store, and I still had one. It is kind of embarassing because I don’t ever want the person giving me the massage to know, but I am afraid they will be able to tell.Thanks in advance.Any suggestions on how to make it stop? Thanks.
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I’m a Certified & Licensed Massage therapist and WOW I didn’t realize women do this! Even in a chair massage? WOW. Okay now when I go to work tomorrow I’m not going to be able to look at my clients the same! LOL. Hope there’s not a big population of you guys out there! Oh and how you can stop it well try adding some aroma therapy to the oil or cream or tell your therapist to add it in your sheets or a candle or something. Try peppermint oil/tangerine oil or grapefruit oil. Or if it’s really on your mind n you feel bad then stop getting massages and add some acupunture or some other kind of healing..I bet you won’t have one with acupuncture! Good Luck hope this helps. from just a regular massage? no touching on any of your genital area? o_othat is weird. i’ve never heard of anything like that before.never really got a real massage before, maybe i should try one soon! 😉 I don’t think you can get it to stop.And if you don’t want people to know you better buy one of those massage chairs, any massager with any life experience will be able to tell.Orgasms are created by rubbing your sensitive spots.Not everyone has the same sensitivities on the same spots.We still are all unique creatures.Only thing you could try is a different style of massaging.Maybe Japanese massages or something different.There are plenty of varieties less sensual than Swedish massaging.You can also try adding really refreshing and energizing scents to your massage oil like ylang ylang to see if that changes anything.But don’t worry it’s not odd and most massagers know this pleasant side effect their work can have. I would suggest that you not try to stop it and learn to enjoy it. Find a theraphist that does not mind. This is not bad, you should not feel bad. Massage helps to relax people, sometimes people are so stressed that they can not let themselves feel pleasure. During the massage you relax and feel pleasure, how is that bad. So often in the US we worry so much about pleasure during massage, if it happens great both of you should feel good about it.
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