What is a safe natural appetite stimulant ?

Q:In asking this question, I am requesting personal experiences with use of safe natural (-legal-) appetite stimulants. Thank youSome background: My 16 year old son is taking a med which has a side effect of appetite suppression. He has lost weight and we have already discussed the situation with his doctor.
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i looked for years to find one that would work for me and finally found an herb that does. wormwood. it’s traditionally used to treat parasites but I found that it makes me very hungry after I take it, probably due to it’s effect of increasing the secretions of digestive juces. it tastes terrible, I make it into a tincture and mix it into my morning coffe with plenty of sugar.
BITTERS, look for herbs which are bitter in action these will be choleretic or cholagogue in action which will stimulate the production of bile in the liver or increase the force of contraction of bile from the gall bladder. all bitters aid and stimulate appetite, there are so many bitter herbs out there here a a few, dandilion root, golden seal, gentian, andrographis, neem.
1.Pickles can help.Usualy I used to make pickles from sliced cucumber mix with white vinegar and sugar.it’s cheap easy to make and safe.The only side effect only feel want eat more.2.sliced fresh ginger with honey with warm water also can help.but this you must serve with soft boiled organics egg(only half cooked)with just a dab of white pepper.These all our family recipe for generation and it worked no doctor needed.If doesn’t work I’ll swallow myself.
THC is the safest remedy. It’s available with a prescription.Take care to not allow it to be abused. Start with a 1/4 of presribed dose .Action and reaction can take a few hours so monitor carefully. Make a chart to track results.Wean as soon as possible.Positive thought and action with an eye towards total goal realisation will enhance mutual expectations. Do this together one step at a time.
Hunger comes from carbs, so adding additional healthy carbs might help him — whole grains cereal, fruit, yogurt, pasta. However, if his appetite is chemically repressed that may not be enough.His doctor will have good advice.
have you tried looking up those natural Indian remedies online? they have alot of cool stuff..
make your son drink Aloe vera juice and Amla juice, also he should be taking Ayurvedic liver tonics to improve appetitie. chek www.planetayurveda.com, or seek help [email protected]
medicinal marijuana, its legal.
ALFALFA TONIC its a Homeopathic Remedy totally free of side effects and complications and 100% effective appetite stimulant and it enhances your food assimilation and digestion and makes you feel fresh and energetic.Take Care and God Bless you !
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