does anyone have nerve damage in their back?

Q:i just found out i had nerve damage in my back does it go away or will i have it the rest of my life?i am on several meds but it does not help!
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I too have this problem since the birth of my second child. Find your self a good osteopath who specialises in sciatica. I sleep with no pillow, that helps.Exercise really helps long walks and streching.Accupuncture [regularly] also helps.Heat packs, hot baths showers, water bottles.Find a good back specialist osteo, physio, chiro ect and stick with them. It takes persistance and being very proactive. If I get lazy with it I suffer.Work out what causes it what position is it at its worst. There are different nerves, find out which ones the damaged one.The big nerve that passes through your sacrum down the side of your bum muscles down your leg into your foot releases if its massaged, this helps.Good luck.
sorry love, itll never heal, all you can do is strengthen the muscles in your back to help you thru. I have suffered from Sciatica (trapped nerve) and a slipped disc for the last 23 years i cope with it, and try to live a normal life. Physiotherapy helped me, go and seek advice from your doctor and see what he/she says. Good Luck.
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