Has anyone ever undergone past life regression?

Q:I’m thinking of trying it and would like to hear of anybody else’s experiences.
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One of the worst things I have ever done. If you are not willing to take both good and bad then I would not recommend doing it.One happy thing for me.I was always barefoot no matter what.I am like that today too. Love to be barefoot! Feeling of freedom.
no,bcos that dont exist.
The guy who was one of the first people to do this here in England about 50 years ago taught me hypnotherapy. I’d advise against it. It can have bad side effects and there is no evidence that it is any more “real” than a dream. It can turn in to a nightmare. I warned you. Source(s):The English University of Life. (Psychology, counselling and hypnotherapy research department)
Go to Sylvia Browne’s website, WWW.Sylvia.Org. She talks about past life regressions in many of her books. She is the ONLY one I trust on this subject. She also tells you what to be weary of when having a regression done by someone you don’t know. Check her out. She will help a lot. Source(s):Sylvia Browne
Yes, I tried it under hypnosis. I only went back as far as looking out from my pram when I was a baby though, as did someone else I know who underwent it, so nothing particularly interesting there. I have heard of people who have been back and have started speaking in a language they dont know in this life, describing clothing they were wearing etc. that definitely wasn’t from this century (or the last one). I think as long as you weren’t burnt at the stake or anything horrific in a previous life, which obviously you wont know until, or if, you get there, you should try it. It’s harmless and you could find out some interesting stuff, but dont bank on it.
I have done it.Used an audio casette produced by Prakash Aggarwal,Institute of Mind Dynamics/Control,Hyderabad.It is for about half an hour duration.You have listen through earphones and concentrate.Now I am in India.During the hearing of the casette,I had got clear and vivid memmory of past life.I was mentally transported to thousands of years ago and I understood I was a King in Nepal,married.I do not know whether my experiance is correct/hallucination.I do not use any drug or alcohol and vegetarian.
My husband and I both had a regression session. My experiences were rather fuzzy visually.more impressions than anything. As best as I could tell, I was a nun, an Italian peasant woman, and a native American girl. My husband however, had a very vivid experience.lots of color and detail. His most interesting incarnations included living in Atlantis and as a mountain lion.Other than a little money (smile) what have you got to lose? Give a try.
I’ve never done it, but there’s a book about one woman’s experience of past life regression. It’s an amazing tale, perhaps you can find it in your local library. Here it is on Amazon.comhttp://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0671889869/ref=cm_bg_d/103-8836296-9365401?v=glance&n=283155This lady Jenny remembered so much about her past life in Ireland, even to the extent of going there and seeing her past life home, and meeting her past life children. why are you so fed up with this one? that’s a joke, but as the silver fox and the ghost of times gone by, if you want it, do it, its your life.
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