does anyone know whats good for bad athrithis in knees and legs?

Q:my grandma has bad athrithis and it hurts her so bad she cant get out of the house much she is taking move free advanced (she said it helps some but not a lot) she doesn’t want to take prescriptions she wants to try something natural
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I suggest Shaklee’s all natural Joint & Muscle Pain Cream and Joint Health Complex.Joint & Muscle Pain Cream targets the source of pain for quick relief. It’s non-greasy, fast absorbing, and deeply penetrating, topical cream that soothes in minutes.Joint Health Complex supports the body’s gradual ability to build cartilage, soothe and lubricate joints, and help improve overall joint function. Also an anti-inflammatory. You’ll begin to experience comfort in as little as one week.For more info or questions, feel free to contact me.
Have her listen to Paul Harvey on the radio. He swears by a product he and others use.
Along with all the natural remedies the major thing that worked for me was cutting out tap water. There is so many chemicals in tap water that causes sooo many problems. So I began drinking spring water and lots of it at least 64 ounces. The other thing I do is I have switched almost entirely to an organic diet. I suffer from inflammatory arthritis in EVERY joint. I was placed on several prescription meds which didn’t help at all..only caused other problems. Just getting off the meds and changing the few things listed above I feel better now than I ever did BEFORE the arthritis.
Massage Therapy could help! Heat and frictions around the joints help. Take her to a massage therapist that specialized in that area, not a spa because they don’t do that kind of work.
i think its pretty nice of you to care for your grandma.but theres not much you can do for athritis at all.but heat sometimes helps.and so does a535 rub.theres no cure for athritis.i have it.and its very painful.tell your grandma ill have her in my prayers tonight,and in my thoughts.good luck. kathy
She should take Boswellia and Turmeric for inflammation and Horsetail to build up the connective tissue. You can get a combination of Boswellia and Turmeric called Turmeric Special Formula at health food stores. Also, people with arthritis are usually chronically dehydrated so she should drink lots of pure water. I’m an herbalist and iridologist and this has worked for many of my clients.
Liquid Health – Glucosamine.It WORKS. Liquid is always better because your body doesn’t have to struggle to break it down like pills.I’ve been using it for several years. A friend of mine was scheduled for knee surgery. After 3 months on this, he no longer has knee pain! glucosamine chondroitia with msm
try a heating pad and put on her knees then rotate between knee and feet
Cosamine and chondrointin. They are substances found naturally in the body and are used for osteoarthritis. Please read source from link.
glucosamine chondroitin is good and red clover is also helpful for arthritis. heat does help relieve inflammation!
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