effects about prozac?

Q:what are the side effects from being off of prozac just for a couple of weeks, and how long can they last, i’ve been on prozac since march 30th, and 2 weeks ago i stopped taking them, i mean are the side effects like dizzyness, feeling like your going to faint, i just don’t know if its being off of the prozac or am i pregnant, have to wait a couple of weeks until i can test if i am pregnant, but i’m just curesaus if prozac can have these kinds of side effects thanks : )
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If you are possibly pregnant it is good you quit the pills. Yeah you feel dizzy and ‘wrong’ in the head for a while after stopping Prozac but it will pass. Prozac and the anti-depressants around are suspected of causing birth defects so I would say don’t take Prozac anymore IF you are pregnant and Hell, just don’t take it anyway. I don’t have the paperwork on the effects but I wa on it. I know dizziness can be one while you are on it but not sure if it happens when you are off. If you are pregnant that can cause it but that is not definate.You didn’t mention why you are now off of prozac but hope everything is okay with you. Best wishes.
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