Colon cleanse??

Q:has anyone ever done it?? is there anything i can take orally rather then from the back side, like something i can buy over the counter that dont cost much at all??
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Laxatives work like a charm lol. There’s over the counter pills and there’s evn chocolate or flavored types of laxitives to help u take them easily (but the chocolate ones i’ve heard taste pretty weird so idk) and they’re pretty cheap as well. Take sum laxative pills and that’ll clean ur colon very well. It works like a charm, and plus u loose a couple of pounds like that lol ^-^
Yes there is, its called colon cleanse, i don’t know how much it cost because my brother brought it over to me i believe you can get it from one of those health food stores where they sale nothing but a nautrale stuff,. Its like this powerdy stuff and you mix it whith water i mixed mine whith orenge soda oh my god it taste so nasty because when you mix it its thick, but yes it does work & its soppost to clean you out so things will function better.
please tell us “how” you know your colon is in need of cleaning?
Why on earth do you want to try this?? There is NO proven benefit, and plenty of risk of harm – the odds are completely against you. Colon cleansing is just pure quackery!
If I had to pick one product I’d suggest Optiflora (two-product system with Prebiotic and Probiotic)If taken regularly, helps maintain a healthy colon. Uses new technology to protect beneficial microflora during the rigors of shipping, storage, and the acidic journey through your stomach. Other products claim live microflora at the time of manufacture. The product guarantees the delivery of live microflora to your colon which is critical in keeping this part of the body clean and healthy. I regularly use this product and it’s totally natural.For more info, feel free to contact me.
I’ve never done it, but go to your local pharmacy – I’ve seen several options you can buy.
There are herbal colonics you can purchase at health food stores. I don’t know if you live in Souther California or not, but there are these great herbal supplements that not only cleanse the colon, but the kidney, liver & spleen. It’s called CKLS by New Body. They even have a 7 day cleanse that removes ALL toxins. Even parasites and cholestorel depending if you eat fried foods or pork.If you do live in the L.A., I can give you more details about the supplements.Good luck!
my 13 tear old son has problems with constipation and on a few occasions his doctor told me to go buy a bottle of stuff called MAGNESIUM CITRATE at the store it is in a small glass bottle that looks a seven up bottle i have recently seen it in a red color too the doctor said it is the stuff the hospital gives you to use before surgery or a colonoscopy and it is very cheap it only cost me under 2 bucks
eww, why do you want to do this?? well you can take a laxitive to flush out your system or have an enima. but enimas are only for old people and porn stars who are getting ready for an anal sex scenes
I fail to see why do we need external help to cleanse our body.God has given us a self contained system it cleans itself up sometimes our body functions become inactive or sluggish due to chemical,medicinal and other reason all we have to do is activate our Vital Force to take care of such situations and Homeopathy works exactly on these principals. What the ignorant call the Placebo Effect is in fact this the minimum most dose to activate your Vital Force to take care of our system the way its meant to be and not by giving massive doses of harmful medicines to destroy the germs and more importantly to destroy our vital force which causes all sorts of complications and side effects instead of curing us it makes us sicker than what we were before taking the medicine. Please Ponder these Points and it doesn’t takes a learned Scientist to understand what I am saying all it takes is a Logical Mind and Common Sense to know and understand .Take Care and God Bless you with Wisdom,Health and Prosperity ! Amen It’s not medically necessary. Don’t do it.
Yes. From time to time.About the best I have found is a product by Yerba Prima out of Oregon. Available in health food stores, it cleans out built up toxins and balances intestinal flora and fauna.Probably get buy from $10.00 to $22.00 for women’s renew, or men’s rebuild. Can check www.vitamin or others for current prices and full line. Just take the pills. It looks like I will do this about twice a year. I also use their Bentonite. I needed to loose about 90 pounds. If I had done this before starting to diet I think everything would have gone better. I am down 60 pounds and the Bentonite continues to be part of my general intake for detox.
How Is IBS Treated?There’s no cure for IBS. But many things can help reduce your child’s IBS symptoms. They include:Dietary changes. Some kids with IBS find that careful eating helps reduce or eliminate IBS symptoms. You might avoid serving very large meals, drinks with caffeine, spicy or fatty foods, or other foods that seem to trigger the symptoms.Lifestyle changes. If the symptoms appear to be related to stress, talk to your child about what you can do to help manage pressures related to school, home, or friends.Regular exercise and stress reduction. Exercise can foster good digestion and it’s also a great stress release. If your child suffers from anxiety or depression, your child’s doctor may advise a consultation with a child psychologist or another therapist.Medications. Doctors sometimes prescribe medications to treat the individual symptoms of IBS, such as laxatives to relieve constipation, anti-diarrhea medications, muscle relaxants, or antidepressants. Talk with your child’s doctor before giving your child any over-the-counter medications for IBS symptoms.A number of new medicines targeting the neurotransmitter serotonin are now available to treat IBS, but must be used carefully in certain children and adolescents.Stress reduction and coping strategies. Hypnosis, breathing exercises for relaxation, and psychotherapy are becoming increasingly popular and safe ways to manage IBS.Though IBS isn’t life threatening, it can affect your child’s quality of life. It’s important to talk with your child’s doctor about ways to manage IBS symptoms to help your child lead an active and healthy life.For more information just click on the link?
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