If I go for a physical to a doctor …..?

Q:What can I expect? I’m 23 y.o. and plan on seeing a Internal Med doc. This would be my first physical in 5 years.
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So, why is this question in Alternative Medicine? Your doc will check your weight, blood pressure, vision, various openings, etc. Probably give you a lecture if you smoke or are overweight… that sort of stuff.
They’ll measure height, weight, and get blood to test blood sugar, cholesteral levels, and thyroid/hormone trouble. They will want a urine sample for kidney function or STDs.They will do a P.A.P. test for abnormal cervical cells, and probably a digital rectal exam for abnormalities. Expect a breast exam, and a mammogram if there is breast cancer in your family.Good for you for going….now do it every year!!!
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