Have you read any books by Ezra Bayda?

Q:If so, what did you think? Why did or didnt you like it? Did it change you at all? I am looking for something that will help me enjoy my life the way it is now. I thought maybe one of his books might help.
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I suggest Alan Watts’ Tao: The Watercourse Way. It describes a way of looking at the world that I found very calming and intriguing. There wasn’t any New Age nonsense about energy fields or spirits, just a basic study of Taoism through the eyes of a Westerner. It’s basically about seeing and accepting things. It’s about moving with events and not against them. Kind of hard for me to put in words, but not so hard for Mr. Watts. It’s a short book, but very illuminating.I wish you well in your search, but enjoying your life is always within your grasp. You’ll never find a guru, or book, or religion that can change you. You must examine the way you think. Taoism and Zen both involve being mindful and detached from your through processes. You don’t stifle emotion or control them, you just let those emotions happen and don’t try to hang onto them, or push them away.Anyway, the Watts book is a great read and might give you some food for thought. nope i hate reading
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