Is smoking pot addicting? And, how much would you smoke before you think of it as an addiction? Is it bad?

Q:I recently found out that my significant other has been smoking pot for over 20 years. One joint lasts him for 2 days since he only takes a few puffs a few times a day. I’ve never been around anyone who did drugs or anything like that so I am very concerned. He swears he isn’t addicted but he has adhd and it helps calm him down and I should not worry about it. But, I still feel it is wrong and I worry about his health even though I see no difference in him when he does it and when he doesn’t. He is the same all the time except maybe more loving/sexual when he takes a few puffs but no major changes in his actions. Am I wrong to nag at him for smoking pot or is it ok for him to do so?
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Somebody I knew went through the same thing. Drugs are drugs no matter what. I understand your dilemma, but he is addicted. If he did not take those couple puffs every couple days, than you will see the change in him.Put it this way, if he continued and you ended up marrying him, would you want him to continue the same behavior around your kids? I know it sounds extreme. I just want to draw the picture for you. Good Luck… An addition or habituation? There was a time when smoking pot was comon. Naging never helps, thats fir sure
Anything can be addicitve. Food, sex, drugs, gambling etc. When something interferes with your ability to lead a healthy, productive lifestyle it becomes a concern. Obviously smoking anything isn’t healthy, but I don’t see any signs of addiction.
no pot is definetly not addictive especialy the way you describe his using. to be honest his morning cup of coffee will be more damaging
Marijuana is not physically addictive, but some people get a psychological dependence to it. In my opinion, pot is not nearly as bad as alcohol, but the legal consequences can be pretty nasty since most conservatives put marijuana in the same classification as cocaine or heroin.In your situation, I’d recommend a “meeting half-way” approach. Your guy has probably had a bit of a buzz the whole time you’ve known him and he probably won’t give it up, now. What might happen is that if you take too hard of a stance on the matter, he will say he’s giving it up, but won’t. Presto- instant lack of honesty.But you want to make sure he doesn’t take any dumb risks and get in trouble with the law, because that’s actually the most hazardous thing about marijuana.So for your summary question: No it’s not wrong for you to be concerned, but nagging probably won’t help and no it’s not really okay for him to smoke weed, but it’s not the worst thing he could do. Keep your perspective.
Smoking pot is good for you, it’s great stress relief, it can be used as a mild painkiller, or as a euphoriant(which is why he is more loving/sexual at those times) so long as its not all he does all day long,there shouldn’t be a problem. try taking a hit or two with him, it might change your perspective.As for the health issues, yes there is a small risk but the benefits outweigh the risks if you ask me.
of course you are right for nagging him becuz a drug is a drug no matter what and if he says he isn’t addicted you can bet he is or he would of stopped a long time ago and it is illegal, but remember you can’t make a person stop something just because you don’t like it, he has to want to.
Don’t worry about that and the quanity he smokes isn’t addicting I really don’t think it is addicting no matter how much you do atleast it isn’t physically addicting. It is bad for the lungs such as cigarettes are but again the quanity. Don’t stress too much about it, it is one of the most minor drugs out there today. Potheads are WAY better people than alcoholics!!!!
No it is not addicting. I have been toking for a while now. Most pot smokers can go long lengths of time with out smoking and be fine. Try it and you will understand why he smokes it.
It’s not a CHEMICAL addiction, like cigarettes. It’s more like breaking a habit, like chewing with your mouth open.
You’re going to get a lot of miss information about Marijuanna. But, I can tell you this, from a physiological standpoint, NO Marijuanna is NOT addictive. It’s ONLY addictive EMOTIONALLY. You only THINK you’re addicted. You’re body does NOT go through “dt’s” (Detox withdrawl) when you stop smoking.But as the sister to someone who really would be a horribly other person if he didn’t smoke daily, I can tell you I’m really glad my brother does smoke.My brother has a genius IQ, ADD and rage issues. Smoking pot settles him down, allows him to concentrate and helps him to relax. You’re boyfriend seems to not be “addicted” either in that he only smokes a few “tokes” a day. I really wouldn’t worry. He’s fine.Yes, he probably wouldn’t be a ‘nice’ a person without his marijuanna.Sometimes it really IS a good thing!
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