Am I still getting my water?

Q:I’ve taken to buying the Crystal Light On the Go (where they have just enough of the powder to mix with 20 oz of water) packets with my bottled water to help me drink more water (which i HATE doing). My husband who is a health NUT told me that im not getting my water that i need for the day because im diluting it with the Crystal Light and he also said that even worse me drinking the Crystal Light is unhealthy because it has the artificial sweetners Aspartame and Acesulfame Potassium in it. I guess my question has two parts in it. Even with the Crystal Light am i getting the water that I need (8 glasses) or do i need to just drink plain water. And if I drink plain water can someone give me some suggestions on how to make myself drink it. Im a avid soda drinker so drinking water to me is so Blahh. and i’ve tried lemon in my water and that taste so much worse.Please Help!!
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Make lemonade and drink it. Lemon + sugar + water Yes the Cryatl Light has artificial sweetner but you are still getting water. And it has no caffine like soda. Any liquid counts towads your water intake for the day.Until you get used to drinking water the Crystal Light is an ok choice. Have your tired some of the flavored bottled waters they are ok also.I drink lots of water but I have to have it really cold with lots of ice.I also drink soda but try to get in at least a liter of plain water per day.
If Crystal Light helps you drink more water, then more power to you. It definitely does NOT detract from your water intake. Caffeine free teas are also a good alternative. Your husband has a valid concern about the artificial sweeteners, but it is still the lesser evil from colas. To appease him, you might try sugar-free Kool Aid and add Splenda or better yet Stevia to it. Splenda is the best of the artificial sweeteners. Stevia is a natural plant product that is very sweet, practically no calories, and works well, but is harder to find. You have to go to a health food store. Yes, you are getting your water and if you find a way to drink water please tell me, i hate water.
I think I agree with your husband. My husband had gastritis and water therapy cured him. He used to drink a lot of soda too but I think it is a choice to start drinking water. I would give up sodas immediately and I dont believe that Crystal light gives you your eight glasses of water. Water is water, I cannot help but emphasize the benefits of water. We can debate at end about whether aspartame is good or bad for health. But everybody knows that water is good for your health. right? Source(s): Carry a water bottle ALL the time. As soon as you empty it go refill it. I hate drinking water, but this really helps, because I have the bottle right there to remind me.
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